problem with connect to multiplayer

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Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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problem with connect to multiplayer

Post by bandageio » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:53 am

Hi everybody!!

I keep getting an error message
Sorry could not login
Authorisation failed (code 10)
Any Ideas?
Also cant see my serials for FOG and SAS on my page when I try to register them I am told they are already registered.
I have copied the game from an old laptop to a new one.
I also have Pike and Shot which I downloaded straight to this laptop and that allows me to use multiplayer.
Also getting this message.

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Re: problem with connect to multiplayer

Post by zakblood » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:10 am

did you install the games by, install as admin and run the games by run as admin from an admin account?

as if not, you may not have given either or any game the correct permissions to pass through the firewall, installing and running as admin, sets up these permissions by default

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