Error when launching the game

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2nd Lieutenant - Panzer IVF/2
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Error when launching the game

Post by melm » Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:39 am

Below is the message showing

1.8.1 2012 07 10 win
{No theme.}
uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea.Paint o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea o Render b o
Window.Show o Window
gameinstance.Program.Run o gamestate.StateFactory o gamefixed.FixedFactory o gamelogic.LogicFactory o uiplayer.UIFactory o aiplayer.AIFactory o gameinstance.GameEngine
FieldOfGlory.Event Open o FieldOfGlory
Application. CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling o Application p
REALbasic. RuntimeRegisterAppObject o Application
REALbasic. RunFrameworkInitialization p

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