Adding new armies by customizing

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Adding new armies by customizing

Post by ericdoman1 » Tue May 26, 2020 6:47 am

Hi gents

Hope you are all safe and well, including family and friends.

Quite a few of us are still playing and noticed people are still buying the FOG 1 original game. There is a group that plays in campaign games. At the mo it's around about the 130 BC mark. We will be playing in others in the future but ideally would need new armies. For example a possible Early Arab conquest campaign and so we would need Merovingian Franks, Bagratid Armenians, Early Arabs and quite possibly another Arabic army, Beja, Blemmye? We have also been looking at converting Hyborean Age armies (Robert E Howard - Conan) to FOG with difficulty.

Hence is there a way we could add new armies, with unit names, troop types and so on?

To me it seems pretty straightforward to help us out here.



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