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Re: To Forge an Empire 2.0

Post by Turk1964 » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:23 am

I have Pmd Radio on the 25th of November and as yet no reply so i guess our game is a non event :roll:

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Re: To Forge an Empire 2.0

Post by Aristides » Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:48 pm

i have a game with him in loeg in which he hasn't made a move for some weeks - mia I guess...
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Re: To Forge an Empire 2.0

Post by GrudgeBringer » Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:55 pm

It looks like we have come to an end of a very succesful and fun campaign!! THANKS to Macsen and all that contributed. For me personally, I got to play and meet some very fine players that would answer questions..have no mercy on you...and I feel I came out a better player I am even playing SOME Cav armies :shock:

I personally would like to see a handicap ladder (not a major handicap, but a small advantage to us weaker players). In Civil War generals 2 (lol, in the late 90's) there was an organazation called Leadeaters. They would rate a battle and had 5 catagories. Minor Victory-Major Victory-(DRAW) Minor defeat-Major defeat. Based on the battle difficulty/player rank/ and how big a spread in victory (we kinda do that with commanders killed/camps looted...same idea). Say a very good player would play the Swiss against a medium player playing The Gepids. Swiss won and might get 15 points for a Major victory...Gepids win with medium player might get 45 points and higher rated player with better army would lose say 20 points (depending on the Victory margin)...Conquer has a similar rating pattern...they go on the number of players and the rank of the players..If they had 8 players with a Captain, 3 LT's, 2 Master Sgts, a corporal and a Cook (new player). If the captain won he might get 80 points...LT 90...MS 110...Corp 125 and cook 200. Conversley, If any rank lost they would lose the proportion of points higher than the lower ranks. Sounds complicated...not really. Just throwing out an idea guys :roll:

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