Dev log #8 - Infantry units in Headquarters: World War II

Headquarters World War II is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game where your battlefield tactics are as important as your army management skills. Experience both sides of the war, battling in Europe as the USA, the UK, or Germany.
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Dev log #8 - Infantry units in Headquarters: World War II

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It is Oleksandr from Starni Games with the new Dev log entry. This time around I will tell you about the various Infantry units in Headquarters: World War II. This includes regular infantry, scouts, snipers, assault units, and heavy weapons squads, such as anti-tank units, mortar crews, and machine gunners. The infantry played a crucial role in all World War II battles, and it is no different in Headquarters.

First of all, let us have a quick look at all countries' lineups and then discuss all the unit types in detail.

British Infantry


US Infantry


German Infantry


Now let us have a closer look at each class. We will use the units of different countries as illustrations, but every country has all of the classes.


The regular units that comprise the backbone of the WWII armies - brave soldiers with their time-tested rifles risking their lives capturing the enemy positions or holding the line against the enemy advance. They are an all-round unit with good mobility, capable of attacking armored units only in close combat.


Scouts have better spotting capabilities, have special skills that help them locate enemy units, and are better at not giving away their position. The downside is the lack of any way to deal with the enemy armor. So, one of your options when meeting the enemy armored unit is to throw smoke grenades to cover your retreat and quickly change position, leaving the enemy troops clueless as to where your scouts have gone.

Assault Infantry

Elite Infantry units have better storming capabilities and higher morale, which makes them better at withstanding the enemy bombardment. You can use them to assault the enemy fortified positions in close combat, or even make an ambush for the enemy armor. It is a very versatile and capable unit on the battlefield.

Flamethrower team

Flamethrower units have a very short range of attack, but they cannot miss and they deal high damage even to enemies inside fortifications, making them ideal units for storming the heavily fortified enemy positions. The drawback is that they could become an easy target for the enemy troops while they try to get close to the enemy.


In many ways similar to the regular Riflemen, paratroopers are better at hiding their location, allowing them to operate more freely in the enemy's rear or flanking him.


The most fragile and the most deadly Infantry unit on the battlefield - snipers are the masters of camouflage and sneaky movement. They can attack the enemy from a solid range, but they also need to have a clear line of sight to their target. This means dense city districts could complicate the targeting for the sniper, but at the same time, they provide him with lots of hiding places and great cover.

Machine gunners

The Infantry unit with the most firepower (except flamethrowers ;) ) and a solid range of attack. The downside is limited mobility. This makes Machine gunners the ideal unit for holding fortified positions and stopping unarmoured enemy attacks. Machine guns are capable of damaging lightly armored units, but they are obviously ineffective against any half-decent armoring.

Mortar teams

Last but certainly not least come the Mortar teams. The mortar team is the only infantry unit capable of indirect fire which makes it a very powerful and versatile asset. You can use this capability to harass the enemy units disabling their overwatch or lowering their morale before storming their positions with other units. Mortars are quite powerful against the unarmored targets, but have very limited capabilities against the enemy armor. Additionally, they are not capable of overwatch and cannot attack the adjacent tiles. So, you have to keep them at a safe distance from the advanced enemy units.

Anti-tank teams

The hand-held rocket launchers are devastating anti-tank weapons at closer range. Combine that with the high mobility and low profile of the Infantry squads, and you will see why city or forest terrain was extremely deadly for the armored units. This is exactly what happens in Headquarters: World War II as well. Anti-tank teams have a short range of attack, but if you can ambush the enemy from a forest or a building - that does not matter, and the enemy tank has very slim chances of living through that encounter. While regular AT guns can keep the enemy tanks at bay from afar, Anti-tank Infantry can certainly hold their ground in close-range fights.

This wraps up a series of Dev logs dedicated to various units available in Headquarters: World War II, but it is not the last Dev log you see. Next time we will touch on an entirely different topic that I hope you will find very interesting.

Also, I would like to take this chance to thank all the closed Beta 1 players - we have gotten lots of useful feedback that we are now working on. We plan to run the closed Beta 2 soon with more features available to players, so please keep an eye on the upcoming announcements to make sure you do not miss it.

See you next time!
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