What's Your Ultimate Game Concept for a Historical Strategy Title?

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What's Your Ultimate Game Concept for a Historical Strategy Title?

Post by jisoo »

"🎮💡 Calling All Strategy Game Enthusiasts! 🏰⚔️

Greetings Slitherine Community! Are you a history buff with a passion for strategic gameplay? We want to hear your most creative and captivating game ideas for a historical strategy title. Whether you envision leading armies in ancient Rome, commanding naval fleets in the Age of Exploration, or plotting political intrigue in medieval Europe, share your vision with us in the Game Idea forum. Dive into the depths of history and let your imagination run wild as you craft the next groundbreaking strategy game concept. What historical period or event would you love to see brought to life in a strategy game? Let's brainstorm together and shape the future of strategic gaming! 🌍🏹

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Re: What's Your Ultimate Game Concept for a Historical Strategy Title?

Post by MrsWargamer »

The thing is, it's already been done.

The only thing left to wargaming, for the future, is to marry chat AI level of technology with wargaming.

Because the current state of wargaming AI is in a word 'pathetic'. Dismal even. No better than a clever 6 year old girl.

When I play digital wargames, I approach it with the reality of knowing I either play both sides, or the point of playing is often lost when the AI throws the game doing something unimaginably stupid.

This is not new. it goes back a good ways. I recall playing Steel Panthers the Long Campaign. Build a unit of 88s, get a few tanks, but mainly invest in massive sums of 150 arty. The AI can be relied on to walk right into the artillery barrages and then get picked off by the 88s and mopped up with a few tanks. Doesn't need to be Germans of course. Replace 88s with 17 pdrs. Everyone's 150 arty is brutal. But the game is always the same.

The AI can't do naval invasions. It just doesn't understand strategic bombardment or sub warfare.
If the game involves thinking, it fails. AI is only good enough for shooters. And that is questionable too.

I wish more games were designed to use WEGO. It's the only way to keep out gamey methods.
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Re: What's Your Ultimate Game Concept for a Historical Strategy Title?

Post by charge62 »


I have been looking for a good Cold War Germany operational level game/sim.

During my Army time, I was in the Sim Center many times, involved in First Battle exercises. These were blue Corps and Division, exercises defending against Soviet armies and fronts. I've planned and run them, usually from the Soviet side, up to first and second echelon fronts. Since I left the service I've stayed away from that entire subset of Cold War games, because I felt that no game could come close to the depth and detail of what I was a part of.

Now, I am hoping to find a high quality, operational level game for Germany, WWIII. I'd prefer down to maneuver battalion level, but would be happy to see brigade/regiment, and perhaps even divisions as the smallest size units.

There were so many possible events that could alter what happened if that war had been fought. I frequently had to juggle them in the sim center as events unfolded.

I would like to revisit that time and would just like to see it done well.
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