Conquest iOS/Android Updated to v1.1

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Conquest iOS/Android Updated to v1.1

Post by IainMcNeil »

We are pleased to announce the release of an update for the iOS and Android versions of Conquest! Medieval Realms. The update comes after helpful input from the community and from the developers to improve the quality and gameplay experience of the portable strategy game.

Some of the most important changes go to fixing the crash bug on some devices, as well as a new and improved user interface to make it easier to enjoy and play the game. An additional option has been added for players to take victory at 60%, 80%, or 100% conquest of the map as well.

The fixes included in the update are as follows:
Fixed a bug where starting territories were not randomizing correctly
Fixed a bug where player stats were displaying incorrectly
Fixed a number of memory issues that could cause crashes on some devices
Fixed a bug that prevented the Conquest mode progress being saved
New and improved UI making it easier to enjoy the game
Added an option to take early victory at 60%, 80%, or continue to 100%

To download the update, simply update your app.

About Conquest! Medieval Realms

Conquest! Medieval Realms, developed by Illustrious Software and the Lordz Games Studio, is a turn-based game where the objective is to conquer up to 5 opposing players by defeating their armies and capturing their lands - to do this you will need to unite all of your lands, build up a powerful economy, and raise armies to defend the homeland and to take lands from your enemies. The game is set in medieval times and has a number of game modes available.

Conquest! Medieval Realms, is packed with hours and hours of clever fun-packed, brain-bending strategy gaming.
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Re: Conquest iOS/Android Updated to v1.1

Post by HackleStacker »

Just picked up this game for my tablet, simple to learn and very fun to play.
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