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Re: Suggested amendments

Post by hazelbark » Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:39 pm

madaxeman wrote:
gibby wrote:Actually its not a bad idea if combined with allowing Average Horse in 6 packs as the side effect of 1 in 4 would also mean most cav/horse units testing on 1 hit.
It would turn the game into FoGAM, where everything can be decided by relentless low-level skirmisher shooting intended to cause multiple cohesion tests..
Correction change the game into FOGAM v1. Agreed. I think what people like about FOGR is two-fold.
1 more lost bases feels more meaningful and fun and actually simulates degradation of army better than a nearly pure cohesion loss system.
2 most players don't go for the freakish mounted ahistorical thing and have more of a straightforward fight.