Less Tech for some factions?

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Less Tech for some factions?

Post by Historion » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:53 am

Eastern Front = Western Front = stalemate

Starting a campaign as Central Powers usually quickly leads to an identical stalemate at the western and eastern front due to high entrenchment values for units of all factions.

Since all major factions in CtGW basically have the same technologies available for research and research speed (except for +20% Focus) is more or less equal for all factions (only neglectably depending on additional # of labs), the units of all major factions usually have the same stats, e.g. German units equal Russian units equal bulgarian units.

In the historical Great War, the Eastern Front was a much more dynamic front and entrenchment was not such a problem as on the western front. It is said that Russian troops were numerous but poorely equipped. Therefore I wonder if the game would evolve in a more historical way if Russia and other factions were excluded from Research and instead would get a Bonus for Unit Production, e.g. higher PP Income. Germany, France, Britain would be the only factions to do Research inspired by their shared experience of industrialization and the trench warfare at the western front and therefore would be the only factions with high level units.

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Re: Less Tech for some factions?