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Magnifico - Da Vinci’s Art of War is a game of conquest set in the Renaissance period. Wage war and conquer Europe with the help of Leonardo's ingenious war machines.

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Wish List

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I bought the game yesterday and I must be gettin' old because I REALLY enjoyed myself over three games.

What I WANT (Demand, MUST have, no, I'm not some pouty :cry: teenager) what I would like :) is:
- Multiplayer (I know that's hard to do across all platforms & I've seen the delays with C:TGW and others getting them up and on Steam) but that's long-term.
- Failing that, a VASSAL module
- a multiplayer arena and ladder scoring system for all players.
- a 16 character player name (not 8, no spaces)
- custom, personalised avatars (32x32 or 64x64) for the single player
- period avatars for the AI players
- a database of period AI player names and random selection of AI players with NO indication of their strengths (a more variable and therefore repeatable gameplay)
- a central Asian/Russian/Siberian map
- a Pacific Rim map (I know the Portuguese and Chinese did their explorations in that area in the 13thC - 15thC.

Yes, I'm another who would like either a longer game to 75 VP OR a set gamelength of 100-150 gameturns.
As you can probably deduce, I'm playing on a PC, not a handheld or console. I gave GIGabytes of RAM and terabytes of available storage so I just don't care if all that doesn't fit on some mouthbreather's phone.
It's a good game but it could be better.
The older I get, the better I was.
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Re: Wish List

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