Alea Jacta Est On Sale NOW!

PC : AGEOD's series of Grand strategy games set during the Roman empire.

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Alea Jacta Est On Sale NOW!

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Hello everyone!
We wanted to announce that from today until the 31st of August, Alea Jacta Est will be 60% off and all its expansion packs will be 50% off!

But wait, there's more!
From now on, if you buy Alea Jacta Est and all its expansion you are going to have an additional 30% discount on the whole purchase, while if you buy Alea Jacta Est: Birth of Rome and Alea Jacta Est: Hannibal Terror of Rome you will have an additional 38% discount!

Alea Jacta Est is the first historical strategy game on the PC to cover the main Roman civil wars, created by a dedicated team of experts to bring the epic battles that pitted Romans against Romans in conflicts such as those between Rome, Sertorius, and Mithridates.

With an incredible level of rich historical detail and historical accuracy, it is one of the few strategy games where the player must face the real dilemmas and challenges of the Romans during the time. Not only must you build and train armies, maneuver them and engage the enemy, but you must also maintain an economic and diplomatic balance with your neighbors.

This is the best time to buy Alea Jacta Est, so don't waste any more time and GRAB IT NOW!
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