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Units, Terrain & Campaign Ideas

Post by vardlokkur » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:29 am

I get into this page probably too late to have any ideas included in upcoming version, but anyway few quick thoughts ...


1) there should be possibility to fire at specific hex, even if there is no unit visible in this hex for some class of units - like artillery, bombers, etc.
2) it would be nice if morale would be included for units - impacting the way they are fighting, etc.
3) it would be nice to include in prestige calculations recovered equipment, ex. when tanks are destroyed, and you hold the terrain where the remains exists for some time, they can be recovered, and used again after some necessary repairs


1) it would be nice to have possibility of destroying some parts of terrains, like bridges, buildings, dams, etc. with some impact on surrounding terrain (water flood for dams for ex)
2) it would be nice to have possibility of creating some parts of terrain, like bridges, buildings

1) It would be nice to have a possibility to rename, change type, along with possibly other unit parameters, and create, or destroy units in inventory between the scenarios in campaign
2) It would be nice to define specific number of each equipment type available to be bought for next scenario in campaign, for ex. to limit the number of specific tank types available in scenario
3) it would be great to have a possibility of predefined placement for the units in inventory - to make scenario starting positions more historical accurate
4) it would be greate to have possibility to define hierarchy for units,ex. 15. Panzer Division - 8. Panzer Regiment - I. Bataillon, etc. with unit badges, holding for ex. the historical symbols of units


1) It would be nice to have a possibility of defining area, and filling it with some type of terrain, using potentially some random generator, ex. basic terrain type: desert, randomly on the same are, other types of terrain with p