Tournament game Rush to Moscow: Gwaylare(Axis) vs Lifever(Allies)

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Panzer Corps Tournament 3rd Place
Panzer Corps Tournament 3rd Place
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Tournament game Rush to Moscow: Gwaylare(Axis) vs Lifever(Allies)

Post by Gwaylare » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:56 pm

So here is the second one of our paired game.

Turn 1:

In the north I was surprised that Lifever did not support the city. Seems to be an easy catch.
Turn1North.jpg (341.03 KiB) Viewed 1444 times
In the north center I focused my attack on the T-34. The infantry did rereat out of the city behind the river. To be honest Lifevers tactical move to ignore the T-34 was a better solution.
Lifever did sacrifice the pioneer and damaged another infantry to pull out the ammo out of my Wurfrahmen. He did support Belyj with a Su-5-2 and mobile AA Su-6, but it did not really impress me at that moment.
Turn1CenterNorth.jpg (341.91 KiB) Viewed 1444 times
I pulled back my non core infantry from Yelnya knowing that this city is lost in turn 1 and the save a non core infantry. My attack in turn 1 here was not very successfull and the south center was the zone were I had planed a major attack in turn 2. At this time I did not know that Lifever will stand and fight here. But some more of this later on.
Turn1CenterSouth.jpg (378.03 KiB) Viewed 1444 times