The Ming and their enemies - team event

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The Ming and their enemies - team event

Post by ahuyton » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:55 pm

Thanks for the various replies to my previous posts. Here is what I propose as teams and games:


Kiwiwarlord (captain)


Snugglebunnies (captain)

Round 1 - The early period

Each player will have four games, ie against each opponent in the other team.
Each player should select an army for their four games using only an army whose latest date is before 1600. The army should be selected from the 'Mandate of Heaven list'. No Japanese armies please, No Woou pirates either, just Chinese, Korean, Tibetan or Mongol. Please let me know by pm of your choice and I will publish the list.
Then the Pro-Ming players will set-up the games, large forces, open battle with pot-luck terrain.
Players score points as follows:

Victory by breaking the opponent's army - 5 points
Victory but without breaking the enemy - 2 points
Losing but inflicting 50%+ casualties - 1 point
Draw ( ie a tie or you both give up) - 1 point

Round 2 - The later period

Same rules.

Game rules

Play to win but be nice and friendly ...
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