BASPM version 1.7.1 is available

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager (SPM) Road to the Moon is the ultimate game of space exploration.

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BASPM version 1.7.1 is available

Post by Tamas »

Hi Everyone,

After a fairly long break, we have a new update for Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager! This brings the Slitherine version up to the same level as the recently released GOG one.

You can update your game via the game's updater, logging into our website's My Page section (requires the game to be registered under your username, or you can download it directly from THIS LINK.

You can read the full list of changes below:
* Fixed a bug in the general stats screen shown at the end of the game. This was reported here.
* Added functionality in order to validate the fact that a rocket is not being used by a scheduled mission when attempting to close it.
* Revised the list of Soviet candidates from all three employee groups.
* Changed the TLI property of the Atlas-Agena from 366 Kg to 390 Kg. This value is more realistics and will allow players to use it in the ‘Lunar Orbiter program’.
* Achieving the ‘LK lander test in Moon orbit’ goal will now grant the achievement of ‘Soyuz 7K-L3 lunar orbital flight’.
* Removed the ‘Venus Orbiter’ goal penalty from the ‘Venera 7 Venus Lander’ mission.
* Fixed a bug that triggered a runtime exception when players exceeded the maximum number of turns. This was reported here.
* Accomplishing the 28_TEST_EARTH_ORBIT_LANGLEY_LIGHT_LUNAR_LANDER and 30_EARTH_LEM_TEST goals grants the DOCKING goal. This issue was reported here.
* Fixes to the ES (Spanish) strings that were causing issues with the tutorial.
* Added functionality for cleaning the data cache when exiting the game.
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Re: BASPM version 1.7.1 is available

Post by Routier »

Thanks so much for doing this! I love this game.

I was an avid BARIS player; BASPM is a godsend.

There's so much more this game could do.
I'd happily pay for DLC's with added features.
I'm sure many other players feel the same.

Thanks again.
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