Best alternative to CEAW from an old fan

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Best alternative to CEAW from an old fan

Post by cuprof »

Hi all,

Haven't visited here in ages and was surprised to find it a ghost town; a bit sad really. CEAW was a great game, although it suffered from the concern about reload/cheating in the PBEM. Anyway, I really appreciated the strategic aspect of the game; WW2 is fine, but I would like any period so long as the complex military strategy is there. What good alternative(s) have CEAW fans gravitated to? (Preferably ones that have solved the reload issue). Suggestions appreciated!
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Re: Best alternative to CEAW from an old fan

Post by rkr1958 »

You might wish to check out Matrix's Strategic Command WWII: World at War

It has a lot of the feel, to me at least, of CEaW-GS.
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Re: Best alternative to CEAW from an old fan

Post by Robotron »

If you don't care about the period but want to retain a lot of the look & feel of CEAW, then you might try CTGW (Commander the Great War), especially in combination with my "Potzblitz" mod.
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Re: Best alternative to CEAW from an old fan

Post by nats »

The best strategy game Ive played in years is Grand Tacticican The American Civil War which is obviously not about WW2 - but its a superb strategy game. Probably the best strategy game available at the moment I would say.

Regarding WW2 maybe consider Making History WW2 it is very good in that you can stack units and play very long games and do pretty much anything you want to. The graphics are not that great but you get used to them. I personally feel the WW1 version is better than the WW2 one though - spent the longest Ive ever spent on a strategy game playing MH: The Great War - almost 200 hrs on just one campaign as Austria. Really fun.

Strategic Command 2 and SC War in Europe are the two games that are most like this one though but they suffer from terrible naval combat. So the Europe focused one is the best Ive heard. Ive only got the global one.

Warplan sounds intriguing and they have done a Pacific war version due on Steam soon (in the Slitherine store). Can stack naval units. But you have to play all allies or all axis countries which puts me off due to time constraints.

Of course you have the Hearts of Iron games, I personally liked HoI2 and HoI3 better than HoI4, which has been dumbed down a lot. The AI in HoI4 isnt very good (its a real time game) but certainly the game looks nice enough, they have made fighting on two fronts fairly painless through commander automation. The naval and air combat is fairly abstract but the ground combat is good fun. The best game paradox have made in my view though is Crusader Kings 2 I dont think anything can beat that.

Finally you have the Panzer General/Corps games which play through individual battles/theatres which is quite well done and good fun. I like the way the game splits the war up into manageble chunks. But must admit I start to get a bit bored by the time I get to France. And no way to play Allies yet in PC.

Most stratgy games seem to suffer from something unfortunately and none are as imemdiate as this one, Ive found. Shame this one hasnt been remade really, I loved the look of this game with its authentic looking icons, lovely map, and simple gameplay. Would love to see a new version made maybe covering the Pacific War as well - but it would require stackable naval units for that.
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Re: Best alternative to CEAW from an old fan

Post by almeath »

I recently stumbled across Making History: The Second World War. It is not really an alternative to CEAW, but rather a simpler turn based alternative to Hearts of Iron IV. It looks and plays a bit like a hybrid of HOI and Axis & Allies. Well worth a look. It also appears to be highly mod-able.
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