Weber´s White´s Starfire

Polaris Sector is a sci-fi 4X game that offers exciting exploration, detailed resource management, unique research mechanics and intense tactical combat.
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Weber´s White´s Starfire

Post by hmota »

Just find the time to play with this gem in my game collection.
At the first point the game is great.
The second point I am big fan of Starfire universe from writers Weber-White, and I always want to have it as computer game.
Polaris sector is really close to match it.
I adjusted number of stars to top limit, and number of wormholes to lowest limit, and gets me really feeling that the universe is similar to the Starfire´s ones.
Also the handling with carriers-fighters is exactly what I am expecting to be close to W+W ideas.

What is missing me here is the inner part of each star system , but it is substituted by battles.

In summ if there will be game which can make me totally happy, it will look like mix of Polaris sector and Sins of a Solar empire or Stellaris.
- lot of star system connected by series of jump lines/wormholes, but not so many crossection
-inner star arrea level on map (SoaSE or Starfire like)
- asteroid fields in this inner arreas, they can impact detection lvel of ship/fleets
- connected to previous point cloaking system available for ships, allow suprise attack or stealth probing of systems...
- different types of entry points to this lines (entry point can stay hidden until is revealled by usage of it by oponnent or until you reach some development/research level, and you make new scanning of system), it will provide players suprise aspect of play
- possibility to built diferent types of stationary defence to defend entry points of lines on your side
- ship design with a huge diversity of weapons, systems
- carriers with diferrent types of fighter, or possibilty to change loadouts of fighters before launching them from carrier
- race diversity - some have better fighters, some are focused on capital ships, even to the point that some race can not build fighters, but can have lowered requirements (upkeep, build cost) for capital ship...
-commanders for fleets with traits or skills to influence ship/fleet stats
-research tree or resources handling
Private First Class - Opel Blitz
Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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Re: Weber´s White´s Starfire

Post by LarrySirmans »

This was an old post but I just discovered it. I too am a Star Fire fan. The books by Weber were based on the original tabletop game. There was a website years ago discussing the possibility of a computer version of the game but it seems to be a dead end.
Unfortunate because I have really wanted a PC based rendition for years.
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