Why this game?

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Why this game?

Post by springel »

I post this in a couple of subforums, because I expect to get different answers :-).

I recently bought PC 1 Gold in a sale, and I acquired one module for OOB (Red Star) to be able to take a look at all the fan content.

Now I want to start a campaign in one of them, and I am lookin for arguments for one system over the other. What are the differences, strong or weak points?

Or should I dive into WH 40K Armageddon, to have fun with tanks? Or even Fanatasy General, which I also own without having played it?
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Re: Why this game?

Post by rubyjuno »

I answered your question in the PzC forum but I don't think you'll have much luck here. I asked a couple of questions 3 weeks ago and so far not 1 reply...
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