make combat resolve faster

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make combat resolve faster

Post by Kaa303 »

I have just found that can help make combat resolve faster. I used to use this app to slowdown Wargame: European Escalation (one of my favourite games).
It is a simple as:
1. download, install & run Cheat Engine
2. start OoB & alt+tab to Cheat Engine
3. file -> open process -> find & select OoB
4. on the right-hand side tick "enable speedhack", set speed to e.g. 3 and hit "apply"
5. alt+tab to OoB and enjoy (you may want to set the scrolling speed to minimum)
(you need to run Cheat Engine in the background every for this to work)
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Re: make combat resolve faster

Post by StuccoFresco »

Combat? I find it fast enough. AI turns, now those could be faster.
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