Multiplayer Clarification

Scramble: Battle of Britain is a simultaneous turn-based dogfighting game with dynamic flight physics. Shred your enemies in a 3D airspace by planning your flight path, executing spectacular maneuvers, and reviewing each planes’ movements at the end of every turn.
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Multiplayer Clarification

Post by canuckgamer »

I asked about whether there would be multiplayer back in May 2021 and the reply was that it would be "on the roadmap". I happened to look at the game page today accessed by the Coming Soon link and it indicates multiplayer so I am assuming that this will be available in the initial release.
I have been playing the Combat Mission series for 20 years which has a turn based WEGO system which we play by PBEM. On your game page you indicate that the Planning Phase is "time limited" so this sounds like the multiplayer will consist of the players connecting online and that PBEM where each player enter their orders after which the turn is resolved simultaneously will not be an option.
Can you provide more detail about the multiplayer procedure? Thank you.
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Re: Multiplayer Clarification

Post by pipfromslitherine »

I think the current plan is to support both realtime and async MP. The turns are pretty short, so I would imagine RT might be more popular.


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