Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.04.02 Update available now!!

Master of Magic is a classic, one of the most popular strategy games of the 90s. It is a 4X fantasy strategy game that allows you to play as an extremely powerful wizard, leading your troops and overcoming your magical opponents.
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Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.04.02 Update available now!!

Post by SamSlitherine »

Hi Everyone,

We have the latest official patch ready to download on all platforms!

You can download our store version from the product page download area found here: ... or-windows as well as via the direct public download area here: ...

It is also live on Steam and GOG, if your update does not start automatically on either, please exit the clients and verify or validate your fileset depending on which platform you are on :) This should force both to update to the latest version!

The changelog is huge and has loads of bug fixes, gameplay and general QoL improvements. As well as more added modding support! Below are all the changes introduced in the latest update.

Bug fixes, gameplay, general
• Fixed bug : When 30FPS mode is enabled, the game was stuck in an endless loop when a Magic Vortex was moving.
• Fixed bug : "At most 3 vortexes can be controlled by each player!" fails to get displayed when attempting to cast a fourth Magic Vortex spell, causing the game to crash.
• AI players are now able to raise or lower their tax rates by more than one level per turn.
• AI players will now raise taxes when their income is negative as far as it provides a relevant increase in income even if it means high unrest rates.
• When disbanding units due to gold, food or mana shortage, the AI will strongly prefer disbanding units outside cities instead of units in city garrisons.
• Save slot names are now stored in Savename.INI. This should allow keeping the save slot names when moving your save files between computers manually, and should prevent loss of slot names after future version updates.
• Keys.INI can now recognize the Backspace key. ('BACK')
• Pressing the Backspace key on the overland screen autoselects the units that moved previously.
• Apprentices now require a Magic Market in addition to previous requirements to build.
• Apprentices now have 1 melee attack instead of 2.
• Fixed bug : Enemy Stealth units are visible in the city view screen
• Optimization : When loading scripts, comments are removed in memory immediately, instead of being skipped during runtime. This should speed up the processing of scripts.
• Optimization : When loading scripts, labels are removed in memory immediately, and their position stored instead of being searched for during runtime. This should speed up the "Call" script commands.
• Optimization : Variables are no longer accessed through linear search. This should make scripts significantly faster.
• Fixed bug : Evil Omens had a 150/150 = 100% modifier instead of a 150/100 = 150% modifier since the modding option for it was added.
• Fixed bug : Pressing the Done button affects all units in the current stack instead of only the selected units.
• Fixed bug : When the winner of a battle lost a high value unit, they gained a fame and the other player lost a fame instead of the other way around.
• The "No Trading" score modifier cannot be selected while "Against the Worlds" is active, as it would be impossible for the human player to trade in that mode.
• In automatic combat, when undead are raised, each unit consumes (cost*(resistance+9)/18) undead budget instead of "cost".
• This effectively means no change for resistance 9 units, double cost for resistance 18, and half the cost at resistance zero.
• Fixed bug : When the automatic combat score modifier is enabled, attacking a player and breaking a treaty shows the monthly report window covering the "cast spells" combat decision window.
• Updated the effect of the Abundance spell.
• New effect : Enchanted city's maximal population is raised by 7, but to a minimum of 18. Overfarming penalty is eliminated.
• Fixed bug : The diplomacy bonus based on attacking a mutual enemy was able to trigger regardless of the amount of enemy units killed.
• Fixed bug : The AI sometimes casts direct damage or save or die spells on targets that would take no damage/have zero chance of being affected, when no target exists that would be damaged by the spell.
• First Strike is no longer capped at dealing at most 24 damage before the enemy can retaliate.
• The following units now have Negate First Strike :
• Behemoth, Great Wyrm, Death Knight, Demon Lord, Great Drake, Sky Drake,
• Beastmaster, War Monk, Golden One, Amazon, Priestess, Paladin, Necromancer, Black Knight, Chaos Warrior, Chosen
• Supernatural now has a minimal damage of one third of the original damage instead of the less intuitive (damage-5)/2 formula.
• Chaos Spawn maintenance cost is now 5.

Modding :
• Fixed bug : AddAbilityLine script command's first parameter had no effect.
• Fixed bug : The script commands GetOLEnchantmentflag and GetCombatEnchantmentflag had their effects swapped.
• Added Ranged Bonus and Ranged Penalty to the set/getunitstat commands
• The AI will now be able to cast the Invisibility spell using units even if there are fewer than 4 enemy ranged units.
• Added UnitAura.INI to allow defining auras to show for custom enchantments.
• It is now possible to disable picking Life and Death books or any other two realm combinations in modding.INI. This rule also affects AI players and random generated wizards.
• Please note that you have to edit the predefined wizards to fit your new rules accordingly, as they are not checked for this restriction.
• Maximal level of units and heroes can now be changed in Modding.INI, including level granted by bonus effects.
• Name of each hero and unit level can be changed in Modding.INI
• Unit and Hero stat gains for each level can be changed in LevelBonus.INI
• Added UnitCalcPre.CAS script call for unit stat recalculation effects that need to be applied before other effects, such as level changing, ranged attack granting, or base stat changing effects.
• Added RequiredRealm field to Herodata.INI. When set to a nonzero value, only wizards with at least one book of that realm can acquire that hero.
• The effect of combat spells in automatic combat can now be specified in Spells.INI
• Fixed bug : "LOCAL" script command failed to work for declaring string type variables.
• The amount of item powers can be changed in Modding.INI
• Added script command GETITEMPOWER to detect when a unit is equiped by an item.
• Custom item powers are now possible.
• Set AIPriority on your custom item power to determine whether the AI prefers equipping the item on their best or worst heroes - best hero equips the set of items with the highest total priority value.
• Detailed rules (such as preferring the equipping an Iron Skin item on your low defense hero) are not supported yet.
• Added AICreationPriority parameter to Itempow.INI.
• Use this to assign an AI preference value for the power when the AI casts Enchant Item or Create Artifacts.
• Highest value (9) will always be chosen first if available, while lowest (1) is chosen last.
• Detailed rules (such as create an item with an Iron Skin power when the intended hero has low defense) is not supported yet.
• The enchantment ID of global enchantments is now in Spells.INI
• The music played by global enchantments is now in Spells.INI
• AI Disjunction and Spell Binding targeting priorities are in Disjunct.INI
• AI casting priority of global enchantments is now in Spells.INI
• Custom global enchantments are now possible.
• The Enchantment ID of city curses and buffs is now in Spells.INI
• AI casting priority of city curses, city buffs, and special spells treated as either is now in Spells.INI
• Custom city buffs and curses are now possible.
• The dispelling priority for the AI on the custom spells depends on spell rarity.
• New Spells.INI type flag : Corporeal. Makes the spell ineffective against non-Corporeal targets, the same way "Fire=True" does for Fire Immune, etc
• Save or Die and Unit Curse type spells can now use Spells.INI type flags for immunities.
• Custom Save or Die and Unit Curse type spells are now possible.
• Added script command "HasCombatGlobal" and "IsCombat".
• Custom combat global enchantments are now possible.
• Added debug mode logging of Automatic Combat casting category levels.
• Added many more unit stats and abilities for GETSTAT and SETSTAT script commands
• The First Strike damage cap feature is now possible to set to any amount of damage in Modding.INI (but defaults to being off)
• Supernatural now rounds normally instead of always down to calculate the minimal damage.
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Re: Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.04.02 Update available now!!

Post by goodboy21 »

Game crashes when right clicking on any city.

Anyone else with that bug on 1.04.02?
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Re: Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.04.02 Update available now!!

Post by llillyhjk »

goodboy21 wrote: Tue May 24, 2022 1:28 am Game crashes when right clicking on any city.

Anyone else with that bug on 1.04.02?
is it solve for you because me too facing this problem right now :roll:
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