France 1940 Skirmish Mod released!

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Re: France 1940 Skirmish Mod released!

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Paul59 wrote: Thu Jun 25, 2020 11:07 pm
AlexDetrojan wrote: Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:00 pm Very nice Paul59! Another great mod. I'm not usually one who makes mod requests and I believe you are really busy helping out on new DLC's with FOC2(?), but sometime in the future would it be a stretch to do a WW1 mod? Not sure how difficult or practical this request is, but it doesn't hurt to ask. ;)
I suppose it is possible, Tim1966 did a few WW1 scenarios for Battle Academy and it would be easy enough to bring those units into BA2. There might be a few problems with a WW1 Skirmish mod though; there aren't many units on each side so there would be big problems with the random unit selection, and realistic terrain generation for the west front would also be a huge problem, getting trench lines to stretch across the map would be very difficult.

I was trying to play some of your excellent mods, only to find that they weren’t working on my computer. Every time I tried to load up a scenario the game freezes and gives me an error message such as “Error: failed to load required asset file” and then the name of a unit such as “US Infantry”, “Alpini”, or “Worker’s Militia”. This seems to be a common message I get throughout the various mods as I have tried loading up four separate of the mods now all to get the same message, which appears whether I am trying to play in skirmish mode or campaign mode.

This glitch does not seem to be affecting the main game or other mods, do you happen to know of a fix?
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