Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.04.05 Update available now!!

Master of Magic is a classic, one of the most popular strategy games of the 90s. It is a 4X fantasy strategy game that allows you to play as an extremely powerful wizard, leading your troops and overcoming your magical opponents.
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Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.04.05 Update available now!!

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Hi Everyone,

The latest patch is available to download on all platforms.

You can download our store version from the 'Check for Update' button on the launcher, the product page download area found here: ... or-windows as well as via the direct public download area here: ...

Bug fixes, gameplay, general
  • Fixed bug : Stealth units were still visible in the city view for enemy cities.
  • Fixed 1.4.4 bug : Game crashes when total empire population of an AI is 0. (only outposts remaining)
  • Fixed bug : When an AI army retreats exhausted and "Show enemy moves" is enabled, there is a small chance they will retreat to the wrong tile which can later lead to a crash.
  • Fixed bug : DealDamage script command is unsafe to use when unit recalculation scripts are enabled.
  • Added the missing scripts.txt file update containing the description of new 1.4.4 commands and functions.
  • Added some constants to Master.CAS to make it easier to reference various tile types.
  • Fixed bug : The new 1.4.4 script functions Alive(), CityonTile(), PlaneSizeX,PlaneSizeY,Maxunit, Maxcity, Attacker and Defender did not work.
  • Added new functions : Iscombat, CombatP,CombatX,CombatY
  • Added MinimalMonsterBudget feature to Modding.INI. This prevents generating empty monster stacks on very early turns and low difficulty.
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