New late 15th century Men-at-Arms models

Field of Glory II: Medieval

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New late 15th century Men-at-Arms models

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The free v1.5.6 Update adds new later 15th century men-at-arms models. (v1.5.6)

Men-at-Arms.jpg (883.53 KiB) Viewed 407 times
Mercenary Men-at-Arms.jpg
Mercenary Men-at-Arms.jpg (648.57 KiB) Viewed 407 times
Polish Men-at-Arms etc.jpg
Polish Men-at-Arms etc.jpg (848.85 KiB) Viewed 407 times
Dismounted Men-at-Arms.jpg
Dismounted Men-at-Arms.jpg (764.2 KiB) Viewed 407 times

o These have texture sets for 1) Men-at-Arms, 2) Mercenary Men-at-Arms, 3) Polish MAA, 4) Hospitaller MAA, 5) Teutonic Order MAA, 6) Iberian Military Order MAA.

o These (and their dismounted versions where relevant) are classified in game exactly the same as the earlier versions. This is despite the full late 15th century panoply giving somewhat better protection than earlier armours, which is offset by the fact that a smaller proportion of the men in a unit could afford the full latest panoply. Also the vast majority of horse armours were in fact of cuir bouilli rather than steel, though we depict the Superior MAA with steel horse armour to help distinguish them from the Above Average Mercenary MAA. Keeping the classification unchanged also avoids distorting game balance.

o To allow them to be easily distinguished, the Superior Men-at-Arms have helmet plumes, coloured lances and unpainted decoratively-embossed steel plate horse armour, the Above Average MAA have no helmet plume, some painted helmets, unpainted lances, and painted cuir-bouilli horse armour. Men-at-Arms (prefer to fight on foot) use the Mercenary textures, but fight on foot as Superior with poleaxes.
Richard Bodley Scott

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Re: New late 15th century Men-at-Arms models

Post by edb1815 »

A nice addition to the game! Thanks for adding the new models and distinctions for the differing MAA units.
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Re: New late 15th century Men-at-Arms models

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Thank You! What a nice addition!
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Re: New late 15th century Men-at-Arms models

Post by Geoffrey.P.Smith »

Thank you for adding already the most exquisite wargamers dream army collection. This set just keeps getting better, even if my skill at using it does not.
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