Master of Magic - v1.06.10 Update

Take up the role of a great wizard, wield powerful spells, command fantasy races and challenge your rivals in this remake of a cult turn-based strategy classic. Do you have what it takes to become Master of Magic?
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Master of Magic - v1.06.10 Update

Post by AlbertoC »

We are releasing the first update for Master of Magic.

First off we would like to thank everyone who offered feedback in the first few days since launch. This first update mostly consists of a number of fixes and improvements: its highlights are fixing the Windows 11 issue, as well as allowing modders to alter all 2D art.

This is but the first step: we have big plans for further supporting the game, and we can’t wait to be able to show you and tell you more!

Full changelog:

FIX Trait Artificer negate starting spells for AI - now AI gets spells normally
FIX Dispel on hero during battle - remove from unit enchantments dispelled in battle
FIX Mithril + Adamantium - checking resources in order of importance
FIX Chaos Rift spell not removing building enchantments correctly when destroying buildings
FIX Block showing cast select popup when targeting enemy group with friendly unit targeting spell
FIX Hill type 3 - so it can be transmuted
FIX AreaSpellDmg - spells are attacks (like fireball) attack only first figure
FIX Set Wind Walking Unit allow dispel to false
FIX Prayer and High Prayer coding
FIX Tutorial texts cut off on non-English languages
FIX Removed animated bug report info (report button is still there)
FIX Some language errors
FIX attempt on some adventure screen-related crash
FIX Enchanted road now affects selected road and the area around it (2 hexes in each direction)
FIX Data corruption when using summon to a town where a group is currently selected, making summon enter town while other units are out-by-selection which then in turn forces to throw out another unit as an incidental
FIX Some difficulty settings not being saved properly in the save file and being reset upon loading (ie on different computer or after playing game on different difficulty) -
FIX Battle override as a result of the automatic move resulting in battle and event leading into battle overlap
FIX Resurrected units in battle getting into destroyed group if group was selected in the city before battle, resulting in sanity error
FIX AI group management losing unit in some edge cases when trying to optimise groups toward specific goals
FIX Softlock after AI engages on their own in a battle using supporting group (ie transport group for another army
FIX Insufficient space for ammo display on Construction Manager and Battle HUD
FIX Missing magic bolt animation for dark elf settler
FIX Town screen resources section not displaying more than 5 resources
FIX Auto managed towns should no longer build ships as defence
FIX Two mana rings + 15 doesn't stack - add in DB bool "stackable" to allow selected skills to stack
FIX If the game fails to save due to file access issues, it will show an information rather than crash
FIX Battle animation freeze due to old settings file (happened to beta players)
FIX Summon champion - spell target script was not handle correctly champion list
FIX We addressed some of the major issues with Win11 so you can start the game now not in admin mode, but if you mod the game in any way you will still need to be in admin mode to prevent crashes

ADD Modding 2D images/icons for units, spells, skills etc.

MOD Evil Presence work on minerals, population etc. - cost +20% to original
MOD TrueSight - now do not target unit with illusion immunity
MOD Alchemist building unit bonus - melee bonus instead range (as in original)
MOD Scouting - now show correct value in town screen
MOD DevMenu - trait adding
MOD Housing - if there is no worker in town, housing will add 10% of houses instead 0%
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Re: Master of Magic - v1.06.10 Update

Post by eddieballgame »

Fantastic !!!
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Re: Master of Magic - v1.06.10 Update

Post by MichaelZett »

Update from the start screen is not working - how does one get the update without steam?
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Re: Master of Magic - v1.06.10 Update

Post by HaandHa »

The updater does not find my (installed) game.
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