Master of Magic - New Update v1.06.25 is out now

Take up the role of a great wizard, wield powerful spells, command fantasy races and challenge your rivals in this remake of a cult turn-based strategy classic. Do you have what it takes to become Master of Magic?
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Master of Magic - New Update v1.06.25 is out now

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We are pleased to announce the release of the New Update v1.06.25, which is out now!

The highlights of this update are Steam achievements, localization in Polish, and plenty of new changes and quality of life improvements. See below the full changelog of this new update.

Full changelog:

FIX - Fixed an issue. MOD - Modified. ADD - New Features.

• FIX: Chinese localisation showing localisation keys

• FIX: minerals bonus - wrong numbers corrected + corrected text in all languages

• FIX: 'enemy's turn' notification should no longer disappear after a fight while it's still enemies' turn

• FIX: various 2d image modding issues

• FIX: crash when an AI wizard tried casting Chaos Rift on a neutral town

• FIX: High Men Magicians missing death animation

• FIX: channeler - correction on wrong multiplier when fighting on a plane that does not have your wizard tower on it

• FIX: spells value for AI - Possession, Web, Vertigo, Blur

• FIX: Invulnerability - now adding weapon immunity (as in original)

• FIX: +3 def from walls even without having walls - each unit that stand in "city area" (not only in

city, but in each location) was given +3 def for free

• FIX: ranged attacks form attacking side suffering from wall defense regardless of the wall presence there 

• FIX: resource grid on town screen not resizing correctly on some resolutions

• FIX: Chaos Channel - update movement when skill added

• FIX: to hit values in battle - sometimes hit chance values for one unit would show a different value on pre-battle, battle hud and unit info

• FIX: Wind Mastery evaluation script

• FIX: Evil Mastery evaluation script

• FIX: most of spell evaluation scripts for global spells to avoid crashing during selecting target

• FIX: Great Wasting and Armageddon evaluation scripts - setting proper value of spell to allow AI to use them

• FIX: Magic screen - update enchantment count label on every update

• FIX: Enchantment tooltip - show enchantment owner if discovered, or "Unknown"

• FIX: dev menu - adding resources

• FIX: notification area on HUD not stretching to larger screens

• FIX: not being able to remove Trade Goods and Housing from construction queue when they were queued after another item

• FIX: some battle-global spells - spells like darkness, prayer etc. had problem when player and AI cast them in battle and then one of them dispel opponent spell

• FIX: grids' paging arrows on Trade screen are now hidden if all items fit in a single page

• FIX: crash related to “Destroying a unit after detaching it from group may lead to data corruption”

• FIX: Draconians race - now they cannot build MERCHANTS_GUILD, as in original

• FIX: Flame Blade - spell can be used only on normal and hero units + magic range units do not get bonus to shooting

• FIX: research discount from trait - it wasn't working if we had less then 7 books

• FIX: ore discount glitch - dwarves had too big unit discount + they did not use Dwarves Mine

• MOD: starting spells - with 6 spell books you will get 5 starting spells instead of 6

• MOD: icon for housing so that it's easier to distinguish from other buildings

• MOD: Evil Presence - now works as in the original, only taking mana from "holy buildings"

• MOD: Guardian Spirit now can be used on an owned node - after using Magic Spirit meld we can now use Guardian Spirit meld to get a better defended node

• MOD: unit discount - cannot be bigger than 90%

• MOD: low world quality setting will now use UI and 3d models at half of their resolution (this greatly reduces the amount of VRAM used by the game)

• MOD: changed the way save .meta files are written to disk, hopefully this will eliminate some errors

• MOD: improved visibility of Use Earth Gate button on Town Screen

• MOD: changed beastmen spearmen move sound to less farty

• ADD: Notification Item for AI's global spells

• ADD: battle - auto end turn setting

• ADD: battle - camera follow on units setting

• ADD: changed layout of pre-battle screen, the camera will now move to the position of the defending group to show where the battle is happening

• ADD: Page Up/Down can now be used to zoom in and out

• ADD: unit level indicator on combat markers

• ADD: map edge scroll setting

• ADD: world speed control and instant movement for player units setting

• ADD: war indicator on wizards' portraits on diplomacy screen

• ADD: Polish localisation

• ADD: Steam Achievements

We encourage you to post comments or feedback about this new game improvement and let us know your opinions.

News is not finished here, as we promise, we have big plans for further supporting the game, if you are curious, just have a look at the roadmap below.

Roadmap item:

1. Multi-hex road construction
2. Remappable hotkeys
3. Move and attack with a single click
4. Setting to disable wizard’s spellcasting during combat
5. Marking the unit selected for spellcasting during combat
6. Cartographer (big map)
7. Repeat unit construction setting on Town Screen

Thank you to all our players for your support of the game!
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