Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector - 1.2.43 - Patch Notes

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Experience every bone-rattling explosion and soul-crushing charge in Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, the definitve battle-scale game of turn-based strategy and fast-paced combat that takes you to the battlefields of the 41st Millenium.
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Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector - 1.2.43 - Patch Notes

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We're releasing a new update for Battlesector. As per usual, please let us know what you think of the list of changes. Your feedback is essential to keep improving the game.

The team is currently hard at work. We'll have news about new content soon.

Changes since 1.2.42

  • When hovering over the Disembark Command Bar button of a transport, the weapons loadout of the unit is now included in the tooltip
  • Changed the tooltips for the Evasion stat to better represent when evasion is activated for the unit.

Retributor Heavy Flamers:
  • Decreased shots to 8 (10)
  • Decreased damage to 5 (6)
Retributor Heavy Bolter:
  • Increased shots to 10 (8)
Storm of Retribution:
  • Decreased bonus AP to 0.25/0.5 (0.5/1)
Bug Fixes
  • FIX - [BUG] Unit list doesn't close when using it to select a unit when using a gamepad
  • FIX - “Units able to pass through a wall on Fortress of Redemption map”
  • FIX - Change value incorrect for Flayed One teleport ability when loading a multiplayer match
  • FIX - [BUG] PBEM matches created before 1.2.42 are losing all the players units.
  • Fixed various map issues present in Sanctum Sacresant map
  • FIX - “Incorrect position for Stratcom tile in Necron Base Map”
  • FIX - “Tactical Map isn’t rendering props”
  • FIX - [BUG] Leaving a multiplayer match always returns you to the main menu
  • FIX - Multiplayer turns get out of sync in live match if timer runs out whilst End Turn UI is active
  • FIX - Some gamepad prompts are too large
  • FIX - ”Auspex line does not draw over lava or tents”
  • FIX - “Unit shadows are low res in centre of Incursion map”
  • Possible fix - “Constant crashing in multiplayer games” (caused by UI video player issues)
  • FIX - “Smokescreen disappears when loading a daemonic incursion game.”
  • FIX - Full Match Display swaps player info around over time on Xbox
  • FIX - “multiplayer chat is not working”
  • FIX - “Unable to rebind keyboard controls in game”
  • FIX - “Increased length of time for shooting animations when only one model can actually hit”
  • FIX - Exception in AimIK Targeting system
  • FIX - “Playing a skirmish match on Aisle of Tithes. Squad able to move into Rhino on the lowground from the overlook.”
  • FIX - Exception while loading or saving games
  • FIX - “Reinforcement options stuck at 250 in Incursion Mode” (when using a gamepad)
  • FIX - Leaderboard crashes the game on Xbox
  • FIX - “Incursion Mode difficulty settings not changing” (in UI)
  • FIX - Units lose surge (1 momentum when having 100 momentum) when loading a daemonic incursion save file
  • FIX - “Necron Army Cohesion not working in Daemonic Incursion “
  • FIX - “The reset camera button on Planetary Supremacy's strategy map does not work.”
  • FIX - “Planetary Supremacy's topside banner for special bonus tiles does not center the camera around the corresponding tile.”
  • FIX - “Surge and Empower not working correctly on Xbox”
  • FIX - Requisition Points in Age of Crimson Dawn army management don't reset if you change your mind
  • FIX - “Sister Superior's melee counterattack with power sword has the wrong sound effect”
  • FIX - “Hot Seat multiplayer almost unusable with 2nd profile, 2nd profile cant use own armies”
    ○ I.e. Fix Hot Seat not working in Xbox and PlayStation
  • FIX - “Soft lock in Mission 2 of tutorial“
  • FIX - ”Land Speeder visually bugged when zooming in/out.”
  • FIX - “Dead sisters repentia visual bug at daemonic incursion after loading a saved game.”
  • FIX - “Overlord Veil of Darkness teleporting where it shouldn’t”
  • FIX -” Celestians's movement animation gets bugged while using Oath of Protection skill.“
  • FIX - [BUG] Randomise All button in skirmish setup does not work
  • FIX - [BUG] Bonus ranged accuracy is being applied twice in weapon tooltips
    ○ NOTE: The accuracy was calculated correctly, only the UI was incorrect
  • FIX - “Issues with deployment phase on Xbox”
Private First Class - Wehrmacht Inf
Private First Class - Wehrmacht Inf
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Re: Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector - 1.2.43 - Patch Notes

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Thanks! Especially the hot seat fix.
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