Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.00.06 Update

Master of Magic is a classic, one of the most popular strategy games of the 90s. It is a 4X fantasy strategy game that allows you to play as an extremely powerful wizard, leading your troops and overcoming your magical opponents.
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Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.00.06 Update

Post by AlbertoC » Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:14 pm

We're releasing a new update for Caster of Magic for Windows. Do let us know what you think please: your feedback is important to us so we can keep improving the game. You can find the full changelog below.


Fixed bug : When a city is built too close to the north/south pole, the game crashes
Added new Modding.INI option : Map size settings tile count multipliers
Added new Modding.INI option : Land to sea ratios
Added new Modding.INI option : Various continent generation parameters
Added Y edge repulsion feature to continent generator
Fixed bug : The south tundra area is 1 tile norther than intended.
Tundra tiles at the north and south pole are now able to join diagonally as well as vertically.
Added new Modding.INI option : Tundra area size
Added new Modding.INI option : Swamp, Desert, River amount and generation parameters
Fixed bug : Continent generator central tiles use 1 lower Y position than intended, making continents generally closer to the north pole than the south.
Wind Walking now takes precedence over the option "Move Together" and doesn't allow automatic deselection of the stack if it prevented a slower unit from running out of move points.
Added Elevation.INI to support modding base terrain distribution (Forest, Grassland, Hills, Mountain, Lake)
Fixed bug : The condition to limit how often rivers change direction had no effect.
Fixed bug : Max Population above 25 does not contribute to population growth in cities and outposts.
When generating towers, the minimal distance now applies on both planes instead of only on the larger plane.
Added new Modding.INI option : Number of towers
Added new Modding.INI options : Preference of tower distance and towers connecting land on both side.
Added debug mode logging of the current step in the new game generation process.
Improved the procedural generation of River Mouth tile graphics - in some cases the river was ending a few pixels earlier than the land, this can no longer can happen.
Fixed bug : There is overlap between the research and gold upkeep details clickareas on the city screen.
When "Repeat" is selected, the queue will display the word "Repeat" as the last item.
Fixed bug : Minimal +40 for Housing is applied before the size modifier instead of after the size modifier and before the rebels/farmers modifier.
Adjusted positioning of resource icons on the city screen. This should prevent gold from extending outside the intended area in most cases in high income cities.
Fixed bug : The AI can target tiles shared between 2 cities with Change Terrain even if the tile would otherwise not be a valid target.
The AI will never target a shared tile with Change Terrain to create Forest from Grassland, as the other city might still want the Grassland instead of the Forest.
The AI will no longer target Sailing stacks with Plane Shift if they would be transported onto land tiles on the other plane.
Fixed bug : Combat rivers do not cost 3 movement points to enter outside city combat.
Fixed bug : Undead raised by neutrals that was included in the lair garrison also stays as an overland unit on the lair tile.
Fixed bug : Node aura doesn't affect ranged attacks granted by Focus Magic
Fixed bug : The game crashes if research completes at the same turn Drain Power finishes casting.
Fixed bug : The overland spell slider doesn't show up if a spell was cast from an item in the previous battle.
When dispelling more than 3 enchantments in one casting of a dispel effect, the message will show the number of spells dispelled instead of the names of the first three spells removed.
Fixed bug : Spell Blast and Drain Power isn't aborted after the warning of no valid targets.
Fixed bug : Fate Mastery still shows "Sky Fires" as spell name for one of the combat players and help text does not open for that case.
Fixed bug : Eternal Night cast by the human player doesn't reduce enemy resistance.
Clarified spell help text and manual : Eternal Night also doubles the defense bonus.
Fixed bug : City enchantment scrolling isn't reset when leaving city or enemy city subscreens.
Fixed bug : Dwarf and Klackon production bonus doesn't add base production but adds regular production instead.
Fixed bug : Consecration isn't able to remove Corruption from some city tiles.
Fixed bug : Bad Moon reduces resistance outside combat.
Fixed bug : Pandora's Box can spawn units on invalid tiles.
Fixed bug : "Random" Land Size option can cause the game to crash at the beginning of map generation at a 1/8 chance and cannot roll Minimal land size.

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