historical fiction about El Cid

Field of Glory II: Medieval

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historical fiction about El Cid

Post by vaalen » Tue Jul 13, 2021 6:04 pm

I have just finished a three novel series about El Cid, called the Reconquista Chronicles.

The author is Griff Hosker, and it is very well done, with many battles and skirmishes described in detail. It was particularly interesting to read how El Cid would
use an army composed both of Moorish and Christian troops, taking advantage of the different troop types to bring about a victory. Much intrigue and politics as well, and very informative and fun to read. The author has a way of getting the reader to actually like and care about his characters, and I actually felt sad when some of them died.

I very much enjoyed it, and it gave me some ideas to use in the game.

The first book of the trilogy is entitled Castilian Knight. The series is available at Amazon, in Kindle.

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