Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.05.02 - Update available now

Master of Magic is a classic, one of the most popular strategy games of the 90s. It is a 4X fantasy strategy game that allows you to play as an extremely powerful wizard, leading your troops and overcoming your magical opponents.
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Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.05.02 - Update available now

Post by SamSlitherine »

Hi Everyone,

The latest patch is available to download on all platforms.

You can download our store version from the 'Check for Update' button on the launcher, the product page download area found here: ... windows/pc as well as via the direct public download area here: ...

The changelog for v1.5.2 can be seen below.

-Fixed bug : Confused, Buried, Possessed or Creature Bound units took no damage from effects that dealt irrecoverable damage such as Exorcise or Petrify.
-Fixed bug : Very strong units with high stats and/or many figures sometimes caused an integer overflow crash, especially modded units or units that were granted additional types of attacks by buffs.
-Fixed bug : The game crashed when combat Info was viewed while Ruler of Underworld or Eternal Night was in effect
-Fixed bug : Some script functions without parameters (such as Defender()) did not process the closing ')' in the function, which could lead to early termination of expression evaluation when the function call wasn't the last part of the expression.
This bug affected the following functions : Attacker(), Defender(), CombatP(), CombatX(), CombatY(), Maxcities(), Maxunits(), SumResourceLines()
-Fixed bug : In the city view, right clicking on an empty unit slot could lead to the game displaying a random unit's information.
-Fixed 1.5.0 bug : When changing planes through a tower, the Patrol order was cancelled on units on the same tile.
-Fixed bug : Pressing the "Wait" button on the overland map applied to unselected units on the same tile and cancelled their orders.
-Fixed Power Link spell description ("four times" was redundant in the text)
-Fixed bug : Settlers without a race showed up as mercenaries. Using them to build a city caused the game to crash because the race was undefined. This bug disregarded the "SettlerMercenaries" setting in modding.ini.
-Fixed bug : AI Settlers with sea/air movement never used towers to go to the other plane.
-Fixed bug : AI Settlers sometimes failed to change planes when standing on a tower.
-AI players are now forbidden from disbanding Settler units when low on food/gold, and will disband other units instead, if possible.
-AI armies will now change planes in towers even if their focus plane is the current plane, if the continent on the current plane has no targets to attack but the other continent does.
-Fixed 1.5.0 bug : The item from The Gift event was given to the player before the event notification was displayed instead of after.
-Fixed bug : When building cities, unselected settlers on the same tile might have been used instead of selected settlers.
-Fixed bug : The Incarnation spell cast by AI wizards failed when the human player already had the Chosen hero summoned.
-Fixed bug : Clearing a lair that has a Vial reward before turn 24 when Undeveloped Start was enabled caused the game to freeze.
-Fixed bug : Animate Ammo added MaxMp instead of MP to units casting it, which was effectively useless.
-Fixed bug : Spell Lock had a resistance of 100 instead of 150.
-Fixed bug : Spell Lock had no effect if a version other than the overland base flag was applied (this only affects mods)
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Re: Caster of Magic for Windows - v1.05.02 - Update available now

Post by Jordox »

Thanks, two of these bug fixes solved problems in my current game. The combat Info crash and some tower bug. I really enjoy playing this game a lot and I have been playing MoM off and on since it was a free beta with only one dark elf city.
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