AI in Turn Based Strategy Games

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AI in Turn Based Strategy Games

Post by uneducated »

AI (Artificial Intelligence) now outperforms human intelligence in TBS Games (Turn Based Strategy).

Though competitive chess is played against a clock, we can't really argue that AI is winning because of its time management rather than strategy. AI can beat the world's best players at chess, Go and now the famous boardgame Diplomacy, with 'Meta's' AI, Cicero, winning a human tournament:

What is Slitherine doing to ensure its fleet of games are benefiting from advances in AI? What more could it do, for example, setting up tournaments and inviting AI to compete? Has Slitherine been making efforts to enable games to be recorded in such a fashion that would facilitate AI learning?

Apart from the strategy engines, AI art is taking the world by storm now. In what ways is Slitherine taking advantage of the advances made in AI art to improve future game assets and revamp old releases? For example, has much been done to integrate SD (Stable Diffusion) to create units, buttons, backgrounds or maps?

Large Language models like Llama2 and ChatGPT have been released which can help generate story or fill character backgrounds. Many users will be familiar with Dwarf Fortress. AI could run riot on that, for example.

For developers who are in the process of creating games which they hope to publish with Slitherine, has there been any infrastructure put in place to help speed along the process of game development using AI. There are AI chatbots, for example, which could help with structuring detailed feedback from beta testing.

What do gamers here think? Where is Slitherine most lacking in regard to AI?
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Re: AI in Turn Based Strategy Games

Post by mainsworthy »

All the wargames use an A.I. enemy, we are able to play boardgames against PC. you want new features, A.I. prob needs big processing power from the cloud to be useful, but it is nice to think of how A.I. will drive new features,
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Re: AI in Turn Based Strategy Games

Post by MrsWargamer »

WHY play the AI at all?

What is keeping you from playing you vs you?

Play your best turn, then proceed to laugh at your pathetic best efforts :)

Playing the AI is like saying you can't get a date. It sounds soo, tragic.

I couldn't care less if the AI is any good at all. I only care if the game has no option to play me vs me. If I can't play against myself, the game likely is of limited value to me.
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