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DLC Panzer Corps 2: War Stories - Fall of Poland

Panzer Corps 2: War Stories - Fall of Poland is the first campaign not played from the Wehrmacht perspective on the German invasion of Poland.

Base Games, one is required to play the DLC

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Panzer Corps 2: War Stories: Fall of Poland - Dev Diary #2

Jul. 11, 2024 - As announced during the Panzer Corps Day event, here is the second Dev Diary for Fall of Poland

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Flashback Games
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Polish
World War II
Eastern Europe

The year is 1939, and the storm clouds of war are brewing over the horizon once again!  But in a Panzer Corps 2 first, this campaign is not played from the Wehrmacht perspective on the German invasion of Poland.  Instead, the time has come to see the perspective of the Polish in...


As Wehrmacht Panzers from Germany and East Prussia violate Polish borders, Polish Plan West Protocols are enacted to defend the country’s industries and populations.  But the Axis Powers have Poland flanked on three sides, and the assault comes from all these directions simultaneously.

Scramble what forces that can be mobilized, and prepare to meet the Wehrmacht head on as you fight to defend Poland from invasion.  This campaign will not only be a struggle for Poland, it will be your story.  Your War Story.


Fall of Poland is still is very much a Panzer Corps 2 campaign, players will see all of that crunchy Panzer Corps 2 gameplay they’ve come to know and love since Panzer Corps 2 originally came out.  Players will manage their armies, upgrade equipment, assign heroes, and fight in awesome Turn Based Combat, but War Stories aims to add something a little more into that award winning recipe!


In Fall of Poland, it’s all about giving the player control.  This DLC Campaign features absolutely NO Allied units controlled by an AI ally.  

Additionally, the presence of auxiliary troops has been stripped down to the bone, with the only auxiliaries present in the campaign representing such special units such as minefields and static fortifications.

And for those players who enjoy playing at their own pace without having to worry about fighting their enemies while fighting against a clock, Fall of Poland fully supports the option to disable the turn limit.

Practically every unit at your disposal in Fall of Poland is a CORE unit that matters and will progress with you through the campaign, should they emerge victorious in their epic struggle for survival against Germany’s Wehrmacht.  No one is expendable!


To really drive that point home, Fall of Poland has one extra special and unique feature players will experience.  All ‘briefing characters’ have been removed from your briefings!  Briefings have been overhauled significantly, and all characters have been removed from them in Fall of Poland.

So where have the characters gone?  They are now the most important auxiliaries on the battlefield.  Through Panzer Corps 2’s powerful script system we’ve been able to place these characters in the heat of the conflict.  But make no mistake, they are not immortal, but neither will their demise block your campaign progression.

It will be up to you to keep a cadre of Key Characters alive as war rages all around them and threatens to consume Poland whole.  You will prevail, but at what cost, and who will be left standing with you at the end

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