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A change for the future

Published on September 16, 2022

This past summer has been full of events and changes. We’ve been working a lot behind the scenes on several different projects, and you will probably see the results of these efforts sometime in the near and distant future. As a growing company, we are responsible for looking at what comes next with a critical eye and making decisions that will help our business evolve.

You have probably noticed we have announced the opening of a new development studio in Poland. The very talented group of professionals working on Stargate: Timekeepers and Ancient Arenas: Chariots are now an integral part of the Slitherine group of companies. Slitherine Poland (yes, we are very creative in picking names) will focus on projects we consider a cornerstone of our future: embracing the broader world of strategy gaming.

Another big announcement was the new collaboration with NWS Software to publish the next chapter in the Rule the Waves series: a serious, hardcore wargame franchise that we love and consider the best in its genre. Working with NWS is already a vivifying experience for our wargaming experts. You see where I’m going, right? On the one hand, we are investing to reach out to a broader range of strategy lovers; on the other, we are pushing to nurture our beloved wargaming community: one soul, two missions.

For a long time, we have tried to differentiate the Slitherine and Matrix Games content in different channels, with different games, and messages. It’s now time to change gear and push further in this direction, so from now on, our Home of Wargamers tagline will only be used for Matrix Games.

We see this as a necessary step to better serve our community of hardcore fans while giving a better understanding of what we do to our more casual communities. The first foray of the new-but-old approach will be a Home of Wargamers week solely dedicated to wargamers, from October 10th to 16th. We’ve got a whole load of events, streams, promos, activities, and interviews, and we’re very excited to share some big news with you all. Save the date and don’t miss this.

From now on, you will see an increasing number of events dedicated to hardcore wargamers and a solid stream of Slitherine-branded events geared towards a more extensive public. It’s still going to be us behind the scenes, a growing company with big projects, great ideas, and a never-ending passion for strategy games.

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