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Astra Exodus - The Talos Arena Update is out

Published on June 30, 2020

We are releasing the biggest update ever for Astra Exodus.

It is truly a massive one, and we call it the Talos Arena Update.

Talos Arena Update Highlights

- Battle Simulator: Play battles right from the main menu. Select the your ships, the ones for your enemy and just start a battle. You can also adjust how large the battle is and even randomize it. Plus you can change the color of your ships.
- Quick Designer: In order to make it practical, you can access a full featured ship editor right from the main menu, with all the modules in the game enabled. So you can quickly create any ship design you want. These designs will show up later in the game, as well as those in the game show up in the battle simulator.
- Hotseat Multiplayer: Basically the ability of several people to play in the same computer, as different factions. You pick the ones that are human controlled and then manually switch players each turn.
- New Heroes: 8 new heroes were added to the game, to add more variety in large games specially.
- Larger Maps: Two new galaxy size settings were added, which increase the max map size significantly, with over 200 starsystems.
- New Galaxy Content: Two new peculiarities, one new menace, one new exploration event. The Astra Exodus universe has never been more rich.

All this new content and the new features are absolutely free and it was made possible thanks to Atomic Kaiser's dedication to improving Astra Exodus. We're looking forward to hearing what you think, so don't refrain from giving us your feedback in the comments section or on the forum. 

Live Stream

If you'd like to see the new features in action, we are going to stream the game tomorrow July 1st at 6 pm BST on our Twitch channel. It'll be a special stream completely focused on the new features - don't miss it.


Last but not least: Astra Exodus is currently on sale, at 30% off, for two days. If you'd like to give it a try this is the perfect chance to acquire it. You can find the discount here.

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