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ICBM Research Tree - Missile Technologies

Published on August 03, 2020

Offensive Strategy: How to develop Nuclear Missile Technologies in ICBM

ICBM research tree offers a wide variety of technologies and strategies to explore. Depending on what you choose to develop, you can build an impassable stronghold against airstrikes, nuke other continents from the sea with submarines, spot the location of their arsenal with radars and advanced satellites, and so much more.

Missiles technologies play an important role in ICBM: knowing them inside out is one of the best ways to build an effective offensive strategy and to secure the destruction of your enemies’ military assets and cities.

Nuclear missiles

At the beginning of the game, your technology won't be advanced enough and the only means of delivering nuclear warheads will be long-range strategic bombers. However, they are very vulnerable and have a high replacement cost. So you want to possess the Nuclear missiles.

Start by researching MRBMs (Medium-Range Ballistic Missiles) and then move to ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) in order to reach more continents and to unlock advanced weapons that will allow you to arm more powerful warheads.

Tactical Nuclear Missiles 

While less potent than the strategic missiles described above, tactical nuclear missiles can be extremely useful. Combining a lower production cost and high level of flexibility, tactical nuclear weapons can be the best way of pacifying your opponents assets. Tactical Nuclear missiles can be fired from missile vehicles, cruisers and in some cases even from your bombers once you unlock ALBMs. Use these versatile weapons for coastal raids, defence against enemy ships or sniping exposed enemy structures. 

Research and build missile launch facilities

Once you have researched ICBMs, you will unlock missile silos. Researching MRBMs will allow you to progress into Missile Vehicles and the larger ICBM vehicles. These are nuclear launch facilities that can be easily relocated. By building these military assets, you can adopt a more flexible strategy and promptly react to your opponents’ moves. It also allows you to hide your missile platforms after firing. 

Upgrading your missiles

Certain locations will be out of your range during the early phases of the game, as you will need to research long-ranged nuclear missiles in order to plan attacks from great distances.

Most of your nuclear missiles can be upgraded by researching advanced technologies. Depending on which kind of missile technologies you decided to research, you can choose the right upgrades to make your missiles faster, more difficult to intercept, more accurate.

  • Heavy rockets: these super heavy nuclear warhead missiles can carry thermonuclear warheads with up to 10 megaton loads and have much greater range than the 1Mt missiles. This technology is required in order to unlock MIRVs and false warheads, because separating warheads with individual trajectories require powerful payloads.

  • MIRVs (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle) is an advanced technology that unlocks the production of ICBMs equipped with three splitting thermonuclear warheads, 1 megaton each (3x1M MIRV ICBMs). Intercepting MIRVs is a really tough mission for your enemies’ defence, as they strike with multiple warheads making it extremely difficult to take down all of them.

  • Is there anything worse than MIRVs? The answer is YES. Research false warheads to unlock the production of the ultimate ICBM: a nightmare with four megaton warheads and four false targets (4x1M+4F MIRV ICBM) to saturate the enemy anti-missile defence.

  • Hypersonic missiles are one of the most advanced steps you can take when it comes to missiles technologies. This research allows you to increase the speed and range of the SSM missiles, including tactical, nuclear-tipped, naval-based missiles, and air-based nuclear missiles. Hypersonic missiles are almost impossible to shoot down.

Full list of missiles you can build

Investing time and resources to research and build a strong missile-based offensive strategy can make you the most feared continent during an ICBM game.

Which missiles will you choose to nuke the world?

  • MRBM: A medium-range missile equipped with a 100 kilotons TNT equivalent nuclear warhead.

  • Megaton ICBM: an ICBM equipped with 1 megaton nuclear warhead.

  • 10 Megaton ICBM: a heavy ICBM equipped with 10 megatons thermonuclear warhead.

  • SRBM: a tactical nuclear missile launched from a cruiser. Deadly for enemy navy and coastal infrastructure.

  • ALBM: a tactical nuclear missile launched from an aircraft. Stay tuned to find out more on how to build an effective airstrike.

  • SLBM: A ballistic missile capable of being launched from submarines. Equipped with a single 500 kilotons TNT equivalent nuclear warhead or 3 splittings 500 kilotons warheads (with MIRV technology). Stay tuned to find out more on attacks from the ocean and advanced submarines.

  • 3X1M MIRV ICBM: ICBMs equipped with three splitting thermonuclear warheads, 1 megaton each.

  • 4x1M+4F MIRV ICBM: ICBM equipped with four-megaton warheads and four false targets.

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