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Sneak Peek: Urban Onslaught DLC

Published on April 18, 2024

Attention, troopers, listen up!

Our team is hard at work crafting new missions, props, and units for the upcoming Urban Onslaught DLC. The initial missions are nearing a stage where we can start closed alpha testing. As we continue our efforts, we'd like to offer you a sneak peek at the new environments featured in the DLC, along with some visual improvements we are implementing.

New environments

The upcoming “Urban Onslaught” DLC will introduce a range of exciting new environments. Set in a metropolis overrun by Arachnids, players can expect to explore various locations within the urban landscape. You will fight your way through towering skyscrapers, rooftops, construction sites, sewers, shopping streets, underground parking garages and more. Get set to defend the city and protect its civilians from the advancing Arachnid threat!

Dropship visual refinements

Refinements have been made to the visual presentation of dropships. Each dropship now has improved landing and take off animations with a more natural flight path. Furthermore, a new drop pod has been added to facilitate the deployment of larger units like the M11 Marauder or the upcoming Hover Autocannon unit. Larger squads, such as the Mobile Infantry, continue to be transported by the classic DR4-Viking, while smaller squads utilize the efficient DR8-Skyhook for deployment.

Turret pitching

Among the improvements implemented in both the base game and DLC, turrets now have the ability to pitch up and down. It's a subtle change to the turret visuals that adds character and is used by several of the new units coming in the DLC. For example, the Hover Autocannon featured in the video below has a central turret platform designed to engage airborne threats effectively. A new set of defensive turrets will also be available in the DLC, which will be explored in an upcoming post.

Underground radio stations

In this DLC, we're emphasizing expansive open maps, providing players with greater autonomy in choosing their own units. Given that several missions occur underground, we've introduced the ability to purchase units via underground radio stations. Moreover, players can now call in reinforcements from these stations, mirroring the mechanics of above ground scenarios.

We are starting closed alpha testing in the next few weeks. If you'd like to participate in alpha testing the new missions alongside developers in a live stream, you can sign up here:  https://www.slitherine.com/beta/starship-troopers-terran-command-urban-onslaught

Keep an eye out for further updates!



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