Field of Glory: Empires Challenge

Welcome to the Field of Glory Empires Challenge Page


Challenge #1: Conquer Italy playing as Rome in as few turns as possible

The special build will have just Rome as a playable faction and the map borders will be locked to the Italian Peninsula and its closest surroundings.

All the mechanics and features from the full version will be in place in this customised version, just limited to the Roman Faction. The main difference is that you don’t have to worry about facing threats coming from outside the Italian Peninsula.

You can recruit new units, expand your cities and settlements, trade and research important technologies, everything you need for your conquest.

In this race against time, there is room for only one winner.


Once you have completed the challenge, send a screenshot to challenge@slitherine.co.uk showing the final amount of turns it took you to achieve the objective and the regions under your control.

Alternatively, upload the video of you completing the challenge on the platform/channel of your choice.

The participant that conquers all the Italian provinces in the fewest possible number of rounds wins the challenge.


General Rules


1) Who can participate?

Youtubers and members of the Press. The participation is mainly by invitation, but if you think you have what it takes to compete, feel free to write to challenge@slitherine.co.uk, stating your name/nickname and your channel (if you have one!)

We will send confirmation emails for every challenge we set up, so we will be sure no one is missed.


2) What happens if I'm accepted?

You will receive a special version of Field of Glory: Empires. The version will have certain mechanics and map areas locked while others will be open. On these versions, you will have the chance to play tailored challenges: competitive contests with other players, with an objective to achieve.


3) Time and validity

Challenges will have a period of validity of 10 days from the announcement.

The builds will have an expiration time after which they won’t be available any more. This expiration time will coincide with the time at disposal to play the game and to win the contest.

Everyone who received a direct invite can join and participate at any moment within the validity time.


4) Ok, I've completed the challenge. What's next?

Congratulations for having survived the battle. To prove your valour, you have to send us a screenshot or upload/send the video of you completing the challenge, showing that the objective has been achieved. Every challenge is unique, so what the screenshots should show as proof might be slightly different.


5) Do I have to play all the challenges in order to win the competition?

Every challenge is open, meaning that players won’t be forced to play all the challenges if they don’t want (or can’t). Participants can decide at any time which challenges to join in.

Participants can play the challenges as many times as they want, on their preferred platform (Twitch, Youtube, other). It doesn’t matter if the challenge is played LIVE or recorded. What is important is that, in order to be considered valid, the videos should be made public before a certain date, after which the competition will be declared closed and no other videos will be accepted.



6) Where can I see the scores?

We will have a Leaderboard with everyone’s scores. After the first challenge, we will create a second Leaderboard with a general ranking given by the points scored in every challenge.

After all the Challenges have been played, we will declare the final winner by calculating the cumulative points gained in all the episodes.