Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager Early Access: PhotReward


Apollo Tier – Photo Reward

As part of the Apollo Tier you are entitled to submit your photo for inclusion in the game. To do this we need you to submit a photo to us in the correct format so it can be modified and added to the game. We also need you to submit your display name for your character in the game and your order ID so we can cross reference is with the list of Apollo Tier customers.

We also want to know what role you would like to have in game. Please be aware there are limited slots for each category so you may not get your first choice. It will work on a first come first served basis so the first people to submit their acceptable photos will get first choice.

Your photo must adhere to the following guidelines. If your photo is inappropriate or unusable it will be rejected and we will ask for an alternative. If we do not receive an appropriate photo within 1 month of the release date (estimate as Q1 2014) your photo may not be in the game when it is first released.

By submitting your photo you are agreeing to allow us to use the image and name in the game and its updates/sequels/prequels. Please be aware there image will be processed for the game format so minor alternations can be expected but nothing that significantly changes your appearance.

If you want your photo added to our library for possible use in future games please let us know. This is not a requirement so just let us know. Please send your submission to info@slitherine.co.uk with the following title “Apollo Program Photo”.

· Your photo (see below for details and specs)

· Your name as shown in game

· Your order ID

· Your preference for your job category. Make your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of the 3 categories - Astronaut, Scientist or Flight Controller.

· Permission to use your photo in future games.

Photo specs

· You should submit 2 different photos to give a greater chance of us finding a image we can use.

· Your photo must be in either jpg, bmp or png format. If using a jpg make sure the quality level is set to maximum for best results. If you are exporting directly from a camera then it is likely to be a high quality image so you do not need to do anything additional.

· It should be a square passport style photo, with a full frontal view.

· It must be at least 600x600 pixels but the larger the image the better.

· The background must be a single plain colour with no pattern or detail. We need to cut your image out from the background and this is only possible if the background is a single plain colour without any texture. E.g. use a photo booth white background or stand against a plain wall in daylight.

· The background must be visibly and clearly different to the hair, skin and any clothing colour.

· Your general appearance needs to be neat and professional. You are a member of the Global Space Agency and have to look the part! Hair should be neatly brushed or tied as it is impossible to cut out an image with an irregular hair line and as a result images of this type will be rejected.

· Your attire needs to be professional so please wear shirts, ties, suits or other such professional clothes. If you are wearing clothes such as T-Shirts or Hawaiian shirts your photo is likely to be rejected!

·Lighting needs to be flat with no extremes of light and shade. Do not use a flash as the shadows generated will make it impossible to cut out your image from the background. Perfect lighting is natural light from an overcast day.

· If you are in any doubt, instructions on how to take a passport photo are quite useful and can be found here - https://www.gov.uk/photos-for-passports.

Once your photo has been processed it will look something like this:

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