Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Tournament

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new official Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Tournament!


The registration is officially closed!


We will start on the 25th of June! 


- 8000 points per fleet, 180s per turn, the map is Refinery.

- The players of each pair will have to decide when to play their game. You can do this by email/WhatsApp/skype whatever you want but we encourage you using our Discord official channel, join here! You can also choose which faction you will play, don't let your opponent know.

- This will be a 32-players tournament. The first round will see these players fight in 16 1v1 battles. After that, the second round will take place with 8 1v1 battles. The winners will proceed to the quarterfinals, in 4 1v1 battles. Then the semi-finals will see 2 1v1 battles, and the winners will fight in the finals to claim victory!
- If a player doesn’t show at the agreed time of the game, his opponent will have to wait for 10 minutes. After that he/she will have to send an email to our admin Saymon simonep@slitherine.co.uk or simply write in our Discord channel, then he/she will be proclaimed victorious. Before the game begins, both players will have to take a screenshot to prove that they are actually taking part in the game. At the end of the game, the winner will have to send an email to our admin with a screenshot that proves their victory.
Single elimination. You lose, you’re out.
- The player that achieves victory will be rewarded with a copy of the upcoming starship combat miniatures game by Ares based on Battlestar Galactica (estimated release date in December) + 2 expansion packs and the second on the podium will also receive the base game. You can find more info about the game here

Have fun!


Big thanks to Ares games for allowing us to offer their upcoming game as a prize.

Aresgames: http://www.aresgames.eu/


If you have any issue or question write an email to simonep@slitherine.co.uk or Join our Discord server. 


Please note that the Tournament is only for PC players!