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Grand Strategy Expansion

Slitherine are pleased to announce the release of the eagerly anticipated and free downloadable expansion pack for Commander Europe at War. The expansion has recently been updated to v1.02 with many fixes and changes - see below. This expansion was created by a dedicated team of fans who took the original game and transformed it in to something even better! The project was started by Borger Borgersen, Ronnie Runyan, Jim Potts, Paul Kirby and Tim Lynch nearly 2 years ago and has eaten up countless hours of their spare time. Since they started a team of over 15 people have become involved ranging from artists and manual writers to programmers and even guys working on a MAC conversion! The full credits list can be seen below. We at Slitherine are amazed at what a group of fans can do when they put their minds to it and would like to thank them for their dedication to building the Commander Europe at War community. All Slitherine have done is help them build it in to an installer and make it compatible with as many versions of the game as possible. The real work was all done by the fans. The expansion offers a whole new set of features, some of which are described below. Anyone with Commander Europe at War should grab this FREE expansion immediately and get playing. It add new ways to play and offers hours of replay value in single player and some great new features for multiplayer.

Feature List
·         Country specific unit graphics and NATO counters, so all major and minor nations have a full set of unit images!
·         Transport and sea invasion models, which are a function of technology. Allies limited by technology as to how many units they can have on transport ship at a time.
·         New submarine warfare model that much more realistically models the Battle of the Atlantic
·         New weather feature. Weather is random yet realistic and effects combat and movement encouraging warfare in good weather. Also effects storms at sea so naval invasions & combat in winter are much harder.
·         New partisan model. Partisans now spawn in all conquered countries and force the axis player to garrison cities and resources as they did historically, which radically changes the strategies that work,
·         Added a Blitzkrieg effect where invaded countries suffer a temporary efficiency loss, due to surprise.
·         Added Russian Siberian reserves which are released when the USA enters the war
·         More cities, ports, revised political boarders, updated/new terrain features (e.g., Persian Gulf), more forts (e.g., Gustav, Ostwell & Siegfried) and five naval transport loops (e.g., Kiel)
·         Added an air base feature. They allow aircraft to refuel mid Atlantic in Greenland etc.
·         Vichy France and Free France are both added as separate countries
·         New victory conditions based on historical surrender date of May 8th 1945
·         Historical Italian surrender, where Italy can surrender without Rome falling
·         Updated rail model including the ability to degrade rail capacity through bombing.
·         New African supply model that limits the number of units the Axis can maintain in North Africa
·         Added traded oil (Germany & Russia) and iron ore (Germany & Sweden)
·         Added Lend Lease to Russia through Persia
·         Carrier air wings and fighters can be grounded to avoid unnecessary combat
·         Limited the air attacks you can use per turn on a single target which means air power can weaken but not destroy ground units, making it far more realistic.
·         Specially created 173-page highly polished Grand Strategy Expansion players manual

Fixes & Changes in v1.02

Grand Strategy requires v 1.12 of Commander Europe at War, but it supports the original game and the MILITARY HISTORY version. The Grand Strategy expansion sits alongside your existing install so after installing you either have the choice to run the original game or the Grand Strategy expansion. You can uninstall the Grand Strategy expansion at any time and will still have a fully working version of the original game. If you already have a previous Grand Stategy Expansion installed, just install this over the top. You will be able to continue any saved games from previous versions of the Grand Strategy expansion.
Get the original Commander Europe at War here – http://www.slitherine.com/games/mh_ceaw_gold_pc

Get the Grand Strategy expansion here - http://www.slitherine.com/files/ceaw/GrandStrategyExpansion/CEaW_v1.12_GS_expansion_v1.02.exe



The Developers
Borger Borgersen
Jim Potts
Ronnie Runyan
Tim Lynch
Paul Kirby

A Note From Jim
When CEAW was first released, I happened upon a very nice custom counter set for the game, done by someone calling himself Stauffenberg. I emailed him, (Borger Borgersen) and told him how much I liked his work. It wasn’t long after that we started playing PBEM games. While we both liked CEAW as it was, I found myself occasionally saying to Borger “wouldn’t it be nice if….” A day or two after each of my episodes of wishful thinking, Borger would send me a new data file for the game, suggesting “try this”. And my wish would become reality! We would then play test the change, Borger would modify further as required, and before too long the mod was born.

During the nearly two years that this project has evolved, others have joined the team, and made huge contributions. But I know that we all agree that without Borger’s vision, leadership and commitment, this release of this mod would not have been achieved.

A Note From Ronnie
I have quite of collection of Avalon Hill games that I acquired in the 1970's and early 1980's. My first wargame was France 1940 that I got as aChristmas present in 1973 at the age of 15. The majority of my collection are WWII
games and my favorite is AH's 3rd Reich, which I played numerous times solitaire in college and through my mid 20's afterwards. As life and family happened my AH collection found its way to the closet and then to the attic. It's been well over 20 years since I've played any of these games. I was sadden in 1996 (or there about) when I heard that The Avalon Hill game company went out of business. I felt as though an era had passed and this made my AH boardgame collection more nostalgic and sentimental to me.

I came across a used version of AH's 3rd Reich PC game in 2004 and played that five times or so. The first time was against the AI, which was a mistake, and the rest was solitaire (or hotseat as it's called today). I enjoyed the game but it did seem a bit dated and after these few plays I put it aside. One thing though that I really like about it was that the computer handled the setup, maintain the map and kept up with the bookkeeping. That was really nice.

Then in December of 2007 I came across an announcement by Freeverse in PCworld on line for a MAC WWII corps level game called Commander at War - Europe. The article talked about a port of this game from the PC to the MAC. I'm a PC user and I did a search for the PC version and came across Slitherine. I saw I could purchase an electronic version of this game from them. After reading a number of positive reviews on the game I made the purchase from Sliterine and downloaded CEaW v1.00 (the original release).

From December 2007 through May 2008 I played the game a number of times. First, versus the AI and then later hotseat. It was addictive. It was one of those games where at 11:00 pm at night I'd say to myself one more turn and wind up playing several more turns and before I knew it was 2:00 am! Anyway ... I started posting on the Slitherine board and apparently one post in particular


got an invite from Staffenberg's (i.e., Borger's) to "try" out his and Happycat's (i.e., Jim's) mod. That was in June 2008 and was when I "joined the team". I started PBEM games against Borger and Jim. All my CEaW play thus far had either been against the AI or hotseat. I quickly found that strategies and tactics that I had learned and which worked in these mode of play got me into serious trouble against Borger and Jim. Both were very patient with me and taught me how to better play the game.

Developer Bios

Borger is the grinder. Everything he does has purpose and when he acts he acts with strength, determination and knowledge. He does not make mistakes or any that I can really exploit. He wears you down and when he gets you on the run he keeps you on the run until he finishes you off. Borger is very nice about it. He'll explain in detail your error(s), which doesn't help in your current game but does help in future play. He is also the father of this mod, the major factor behind it and the defacto leader of our team. Our mod resulted from his vision, drive and determination. I am constantly amazed by his talent to both modify scenarios and change the CEaW game engine in order to implement our team's vision.

Jim is the risk taker and the person most likely to do anything. He is also our historian and his knowledge of history is a major factor behind the historical realism of our mod. The development team constantly defers to him on the historical accuracy of proposed changes. I've played many of an enjoyable game with him and look forward to playing many more. One particular game that we played in the development and testing of our initial release is captured in: http://www.knology.net/~benrunyan/RKR-JP-3-PBEM-Play-by-Play.pdf

Tim came aboard just after our initial release in January of 2009. It was his programming and java skills that took our mod from one that had to be played with house rules to where it is today. A mod that can be played with no house rules and one that is a different game from its vanilla father. Tim also inspired Borger and me to learn java and make code changes ourselves. But, my code changes pale in comparison to what Tim and Borger have done. They both continue to amaze me on the extent of changes they're able to do.

Our last team member Paul joined us in May 2009. He sent me a PM with linksto maps that he put together on the initial release of our mod. I was very impressed and suggested he post it for the community in general (which he did). Paul's modifications to the map, unit graphic and other game graphic changes have added both more historical realism and visual richness to our mod. The map changes and graphics alone are worth updating to our mod.

Map & Unit Graphics
Paul Kirby
Borger Borgersen
Raymond Gabrielle
Victor Pinto
Glen Taylor

Borger Borgersen

Tim Lynch
Borger Borgersen
Ronnie Runyan

Alec MacDonell

Paul Kirby
Victor Rodriguez Pinto
Gabriele Bianchini
Frank Jeroschinsky
Borger Borgersen

Beta Testers
Borger Borgersen
Jim Potts
Ronnie Runyan
Paul Kirby
Joe St. Rock
Victor Rodriguez Pinto
Raymond Gabrielle
Clifford Johnson
Glen Taylor
Neil Herbert
Alec MacDonell
Tor Lungren
Jim Reilly
Boyd Pyper