[26 May 2016] Panzer Corps: U.S. Corps is out!

All-time classic Panzer Corps is coming back with three new expansions for a total of fifty new scenar...
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Grand Strategy v3.0 is now available! We recommend you upgrade to this instead of using v2.0.

Welcome to the Grand Strategy expansion. This expansion was created by the community for the community and is completely free to anyone who has Military History Commander Europe at War! This expansion has taken years to produce and thousands of man hours from a dedicated collection of people from artists to programmers, manual writers and layout experts. The end result takes this great game to a whole new level. Note you must have Military History Commander Europe at War v1.06 or later to install the Grand Strategy expansion.

Some of the biggest changes are listed here:

  • Airborne divisions and para-drops
  • Allows PC players to play PBEM versus Mac players.
  • German SS and Soviet Guards Elite Units
  • Amphibious landings against defended coastal hexes
  • Geo-political elements, which include
    • French armistice (which the axis may accept or reject)
    • Early Italian entry if insufficient allied naval presence in the Med
    • Tension in the Balkans
    • Spanish activation as axis or allied minor ally
    • Turkey activation as axis or allied minor ally
    • Finnish armistice
    • Romanian and Bulgaria surrender and activation as allied minor ally
    • Consequences for allied aggression (e.g., UK invasion of Ireland).
  • Canadian, Australian, Polish and Indian Commonwealth units and leaders
  • Headquarter units
  • More and greater variability of leadership ranging from Army Groups (Fronts), Armies and Corps
  • Ferry crossings
  • Ability to swap positions of two units of the same service type (i.e., ground, air or naval).
  • Reinforcement of sub groups at sea
  • Leased air bases (Azores, Iceland, Greenland)
  • Malta naval and air bases factor into the interdiction and counter-interdiction of axis supply of North Africa
  • Allied Interdiction of Swedish Iron Ore to German
  • Scripted construction of Atlantic Wall Fortresses
  • Many many more improvement - too many to list to here! 
  • The GS expansion is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish & Russian.  


How to get Grand Strategy 2.10 

For PC


Already have PC CEAW v1.06 or greater? Don't have CEAW for PC

First uninstall any previous mods

Then download the PC Grand
Strategy 2.10 expansion from:


Get the game including the Grand Strategy 2.10 Expansion!



  For Mac


Already have Mac CEAW v1.06 or greater? Don't have CEAW for Mac

Then download the Mac Grand 
Strategy 2.10 expansion from:


Get the game including the Grand Strategy 2.10 Expansion!





Episode 1 - Grand Strategy 2.0 is coming!

Episode 2 - Geo Politics


Episode 3 - Elite Units




New counters and nation icons


Ferries connect nearby islands to the mainland


The Eastern Front 1943

The Eastern Front 1944

The Normandy Landings

A host of new game options!

A paratroop drop in to Sicily

New in game options.

The new weather zones


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