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Fm Flodden 1513.zip
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In support of France, James IV of Scotland led a large army into England in August 1513 where he was confronted by the Earl of Surrey's northern levies at Flodden on 9 September 1513. Hastily trained Scottish pikemen faced off against English billmen in the bloodiest battle between the british rivals.

Designer's notes:

*The pike was newly introduced and the Scots were nowhere as proficient as their continental counterparts. They are rated offensive spears.
*Following Niall Barr, there is no 5th battle in the Scottish OOB.
*Artillery and archery fire are modelled with accessory counters.
*The Scots pike formations advanced in echelon, from left to right, the king's battle coming into contact last. There is no opportunity for the Scottish player to not advance, and thus no opportunity for a standoff.
*Scottish nobles are dispersed at the front of the assault; there are no separate counters for them but the front pike units are rated superior as a result.
*The Scottish left and English right, with the intervention of Lord Dacre's cavalry should pretty much fight each other to a standstill. The decision will lay with the Scottish king's division's assault and the degree of success of Sir Stanley's flanking march against the highlanders.

Main sources:
Niall Barr: Flodden 1513, Tempus: 2001
Peter Reese: Flodden A Scottish Tragedy, Birlinn: 2003

93 moving BGs
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Re: FLODDEN 1513

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Thank you.

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