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K-Project Counter

So far
5% of all Slitherine earnings coming from any K-Project title are used to fund new indie strategy games.

What is K-Project?

It’s our act of love, to remember where we started and give a chance to others.

In a market where discoverability is a constant challenge, we are trying to create an organic, ongoing set of activities to allow indie developers to show their games to a broader audience. Slitherine websites receive over a million unique visits each month, and newsletters are regularly sent to more than half-a-million players. This very loyal audience is a perfect starting point to be noticed for any strategy game currently in development and seeking popularity.

Brand New Game?

Slitherine is setting up a direct pitch channel for indie developers willing to present their games.
A monthly live presentation carried out as a video call is also planned so that developers can actively show and talk through their projects.
Slitherine is also setting up a dedicated forum to allow indie developers to chat with other peers and a Discord channel to share views and opinions about the industry, entirely managed by internal resources.
Pitch Your Game

Submission Rules

Indie developers rely on trade, and consumer shows to present their projects and find support. With the current world situation, they are effectively losing such an opportunity, and it will become harder for them to meet with the key stakeholders they need. Slitherine’s goal is to make sure there is long-term help for those parts of the industry that will struggle in the coming months.
The first games that will be part of the program are Stirring Abyss and ICBM.

For more information, please check submission rules.


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