Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager

Platforms:  PC, Mac, iPad, Android
Genre:  Management Simulation
Setting:  Space
Rel Date:  31/10/2014
Langs:  English
The product is not available
Platform:  PC
Complexity:  Intermediate
Players:  1-2
Min Spec:  Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows Server 2008/2003
Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
Memory: 1GB for XP, 2GB otherwise
Graphics Memory: 256MB
Display Resolution 1024x768 or greater
Hard disk space: 1.5 GB
Internet Connection (for Multiplayer only)
Multiplayer:  PBEM++
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The Early Access version is not available anymore. The game will be released on October 31st 2014.

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager (SPM) Road to the Moon is the ultimate game of space exploration. It is the mid 1950s and the race for dominance between the US and the Soviet Union is about to move into a new dimension: space. Take charge of the US or Soviet space agencies - your duty is be the first to the moon. Carefully manage your budget by opening programs, spending R&D funds on improving the hardware, recruiting personnel and astronauts and launching space missions in this realistic turn based strategy game.

Road to the Moon features the race to the Moon, the historical event that started in the early 1960s and that ended in July 1969, after the successful completion of the Apollo 11 mission.

The game features both a campaign and a sandbox mode. In campaign mode, you will be able to play as the Director of either NASA or the Soviet Space Agency in order to beat the other side to be the first on the Moon and this is where the campaign ends. There's also a third mode where you are in charge of the Global Space Agency (GSA), a utopic space agency that combines programs from all the major space agencies in the world (NASA, the Soviet Space Agency, JAXA, ESA, etc) and allows you to play beyond the moon and on in to the future. In the GSA campaign option the players will need to address the requests and short-term goals issued by government, and is geared towards those players who prefer a game experience focused on exploration instead of competition. The Sandbox mode is also based on the GSA, and it provides a more open-ended experience where the player will be able to try out different approaches without any political pressure.

You will be able to develop dozens of programs. Some examples include the X-15 and the PKA space planes, the Sputnik satellite, the Mercury, Voskhod, Apollo and Soyuz manned spacecrafts and in later episodes on to Mars! You are not limited to the missions that did launch - you can also try out many that were planned but that never left the drawing board. For example, instead of sending men to the Moon using the Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (LOR) approach used by Project Apollo in the late 1960s and early 1970s, you will be able to rewrite history and use either the alternative Earth Orbit Rendezvous (EOR) or Gemini Direct Ascent schemes. The number of options and varied campaign objectives ensure every game will be different and there is huge replay value.

To verify the accuracy and authenticity of the game it is being developed in consultation with Dr. Buzz Aldrin, former U.S. Air Force combat pilot (66 missions in Korea) and NASA astronaut, who took part in the first Moon landing mission and became the second human being to walk on the Moon.

If you have any interest in space exploration and the events that transpired during the 'Race to the Moon', this is a game you just do not want to miss!

By purchasing Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager, you will also get the chance to win a trip to the Kennedy Space Center! 


  • Three different campaign modes: play as NASA or the Soviet space agency in order to be the first on the Moon or play as the Global Space Agency (GSA) and deal with the short-term objectives issued by politicians.
  • Manage all aspects of your space agencies from the 1950's through to the lunar landings in the first episode. Later episodes will add permanent space stations in Earth orbit all the way to the ultimate goal - a Manned Mission to Mars!
  • Play the race to the Moon campaign mode against other players using Slitherine’s PBEM system.
  • The Sandbox mode allows you to play as the GSA and removes the restrictions imposed by government's short-term objectives. You will have a playground in order to try out different approaches to space exploration!
  • Create space programs and launch missions inspired by real programs such as the X-15 Space plane, the Sputnik satellite, the Gemini, Soyuz and Apollo manned spacecrafts and a lot more!
  • Research and develop hundreds of mission components from 40 different program categories.
  • Develop your facility with advanced structures and upgrades including the Vehicle Assembly Building, the Mission Control Centre and the Observatory.
  • Recruit and train astronaut candidates and assign them to missions.
  • Assemble an elite team of Scientists, Engineers, Technicians and Flight Controllers for the best chance of success.
  • Manage your agency's budget.
  • Mission components have an associated reliability factor and can cause catastrophic failures.
  • Vast amounts of historical research ensure the huge database includes missions that launched and many more that never left the drawing board!
  • Hundreds of components built in 3D and rendered out in exquisite detail allow you to follow the progress of your missions via animated sequences.
  • The Buzz-opedia gives background information on the real missions and astronauts throughout the game.
  • Designed in consultation with Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot and the second human being to set foot on the Moon.

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