Drums of War

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Turn-Based Strategy
Setting:  Fantasy
Rel Date:  19/03/2014
Langs:  English, Russian

$ 4.99
Including VAT

Buy Boxed + Download Version
$ 14.99
Platform:  PC
Complexity:  Medium
Players:  1-2
Min Spec:  OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: 1 GHz
Video/Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 256 MB RAM
Sound: Compatible sound card
Hard disk space: 100 Mb Free
1024x768 only
CD-Rom: Yes, for boxed version
DirectX version: DirectX 9.0c (November 2008 or later)
Multiplayer:  Yes
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Want to try before you buy? Grab the demo here.

“Drums of War” - is a turn-based tactical strategy game boasting well developed combat system and interactive environment, providing wide opportunities for tactics.

You play the role of a hero-leader. As the campaigns unfold the size of your armies can increase by up to 16 varied units. By participating in battles, all of the units become more experienced while naturally getting stronger. Players have the ability to hire new recruits, buy potions and distribute artifacts obtained in battles between fights. Each unit can be outfitted with one artifact and two potions. In addition to common units the player's army can include up to three unique heroes.

The turn-based fights take place in field divided into traditional hexes. Just as in role-playing games, each unit is an independent fighter with their own skills and outfit.Almost every environment object is interactive – one can chop down a tree, set it on fire, or even turn it into an ally using magic. Each unit has its own action points which can be spent for any action – movements, attacks, spells or active skills. The player can randomly move units during his turn.

The in-game campaign editor lets you create custom campaigns, as a series of linked battles, with story text and customized rewards. You can save these campaigns a single file in order to easily share them. 

With each unit the player has to make important tactical and strategic decisions. There is no need to remember a great number of each units properties or make complicated calculations – the player should rely on their personal assessment of the current situation.

For most of the actions only one mouse click is enough – directing your army is easy and comfortable!



  • Immerse yourself in the world of Drums of War by playing through 2 full campaigns spanning 30 missions each.
  • Customize your army by training  and equipping your troops as you see fit.
  • Use magic, special abilities, potions and legendary artefacts to aid allies and attack enemies.
  • Command or fight soldiers from 4 available races, each with their own classes and fighting styles.
  • Meet, ally and fight over 50 unique characters.
  • Use the environment to your advantage and alter the terrain to ensure victory.
  • Assault castles with siege ladders and catapults.
  • Create your own campaigns with the powerful campaign editor.
  • Challenge your friends or rivals in the hotseat multiplayer mode.
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