Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '45 West

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Turn-Based Strategy
Setting:  World War II
Rel Date:  27/02/2013
Langs:  English, Deutsch, Russian

$ 4.99
Including VAT

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Platform:  PC
Complexity:  Medium
Players:  1
Min Spec:  Windows XP/Vista/7
Pentium 4 or equivalent
1GB RAM (XP) or 2GB RAM (Vista/7)
64Mb video card
100Mb HD space
SCREEN: Min 600 pixels high, 1024 wide

[27 Feb 2013] Panzer Corps Grand Finale: a DLC and an update

  Panzer Corps Grand Finale: a DLC and an update! Panzer Corps gets the latest add-on, Panzer Corps Gra...

Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’45 West is the final installment in the series of highly-anticipated DLC campaigns for the award-winning and critically-acclaimed turn-based strategy game Panzer Corps. Produced and developed by a team of experts and brought to perfection by a community of hundreds of fans, the game has continued to evolve over two years to become what can be defined as a modern classic!

Surrounded by enemies on all sides, the once mighty German Wehrmacht faces ultimate defeat on the eve of 1945.  Little do the Allies suspect that deep underground in secret bunkers, German scientists and engineers have built an arsenal of wonder weapons to turn the tide of the war!  Armed with the last Wehrmacht reserves and these new weapons, Germany launches Operation Wacht am Rhein in a final attempt to end the war favorably.  Will fate run its course with an inevitable German defeat, or can you lead your forces to victory in the Battle of the Bulge... and beyond!

The DLC contains 5 new units including the V1, V2 and advanced jet aircraft such as the Gotha, 18 all-new scenarios that utilizes the new features implemented with the release of Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps as well as the latest content updates. Players can use their core forces that completed previous campaigns as it gains experience and new equipment, or alternatively use a preset core force and play each of the campaigns on its own or jump in at any year.


Grand Campaign ’45 West is an expansion and requires a copy of Panzer Corps or Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps to play.


Note: If you register your serial code for Panzer Corps, you will also get a key to activate your copy on Steam. Click here for more information. 


Scenario list:

  • St. Vith
  • Elsenborn Ridge
  • La Gleize
  • Houffalize
  • Celles
  • Bastogne Siege
  • Bastogne Assault
  • Nordwind
  • Colmar Pocket
  • Wesel
  • Ruhr Pocket
  • End on the Elbe
  • Liege
  • Antwerp
  • Brussels
  • Gates of Berlin
  • Dunkirk45
  • Sealion45


Wargamer - "My ruling: the price is good, the scenarios are challenging and varied, the new units are fun to use  the whole package is worthy purchase" - "The Western DLCs finish the grand campaign in style.Many of the last battles are designed with skill and they can be truly devilish to win".

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