Conquest! Medieval Realms

Platforms:  PC, Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre:  Puzzle / Strategy
Setting:  Medieval
Rel Date:  18/06/2009
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch

$ 9.99
Including VAT

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$ 19.99
Platform:  PC
Complexity:  Easy
Players:  1
Min Spec:  Windows� 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium IV 1GHz or Athlon 1GHz
256 MB RAM
1 GB Hard Drive Space
64Mb DirectX Compatible 3D Graphics Card
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Multiplayer:  LAN, Internet
[30 Apr 2013] Conquest! Medieval Realms Lite for iOS is out!

  Conquest! Medieval Realms Lite for iOS is out!
  The demo version of this addictive turn-
[17 Jul 2012] Conquest! Medieval Realms for iOS and Android Rece

 Conquest! Medieval Realms for iOS and Android Receives 1.3 Update! Small update makes big fixes!     ...

Conquest! Medieval Realms



Conquest! is a simple game to learn, but you will need strategy, tactics and cunning if you expect to defeat all of your enemies and rule the world.

Play as the English or the French in the Hundred Years War, or fight the Wars of the Roses.

Play games with up to 8 human players across a LAN or the internet.

Try your skill against 5 levels of AI in the campaign or skirmish modes.

Randomly generated maps give you billions of potential battlefields to fight on.

Use the included editors to create your own maps and campaigns.


Conquest! Medieval Realms, developed by Illustrious Software, is a turn-based game where the objective is to conquer up to 7 opposing players (either AI players or other human players) by defeating their armies and capturing their lands - to do this you will need to unite all of your lands, build up a powerful economy, and raise armies to defend the homeland and to take lands from your enemies.

Conquest ! Medieval Realms, will be packed with hours and hours of clever fun-packed, brain-bending strategy gaming.
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