Panzer Corps Tournament Hall of Fame


Throughout the years Panzer Corps has been one of Slitherine's most successful games in multiplayer. 

The multiplayer community grew to an impressive size, therefore we decided it was time to start something unique in the computer wargaming world: world championships, which are massive year-long tournaments, with players from all around the world. This culminated in the 2018 edition, which saw the staggering number of 131 players battling for longer than a year, making it the biggest and longest tournament ever. But only one champion would emerge...

We truly wanted to seek the best Panzer Corps players in the world, and give them world-wide recognition.

Here in this page, their names will shine in eternal glory!


2017 Panzer Corps World Championship

Winner: AlexRus

Runner up: Woken

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Final Ranking


2018 Panzer Corps World Championship

Winner: Lifever

Runner up: Woken

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Final ranking


Hats off to Goose_2, whose dedication and passion made the Panzer Corps World Championship tournaments possible. None of this would have happened without the countless hours he put into arranging and running these tournaments.