Heroes of Normandie

Platforms:  iPad, PC
Genre:  Turn Based Strategy
Setting:  World War 2
Rel Date:  TBD
Langs:  English
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[04 Sep 2015] Heroes of Normandie Rogue Campaign Mode

Do you think you are better than Patton or Rommel but you haven't found a way to prove it yet? Well, Heroes of Normandie – the stunning upcoming PC adaptation of the famous boardgame – will truly challenge you. A Rogue Campaign Mode has been implemented into the game, and it makes battles very hard to win! YOU START WITH A BUDGET: At the start of the Rogue Campaign y...
Thirty Years' War

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Strategy
Setting:  Age of Muskets
Rel Date:  03/09/2015
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch, Español
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[03 Sep 2015] Thirty Years War Released and Streamed!

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” – Sentence attributed to Plato 1618. The seed of the Protestant Reformation has matured and is now ready to be caught, with blood. In the foundry of every town, hundreds of new armours are forged; swords are removed from the walls of homes, while soldiers are waiting for their moment, like vultures. Just a spark somewhere and al...
Star Hammer The Vanguard Prophecy

Platforms:  PC, Mac, iPad
Genre:  Tactical
Setting:  Sci-Fi
Rel Date:  04/06/2015
Langs:  English
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[01 Sep 2015] Star Hammer iPad is going to Beta!

The  Coalition’s Navy needs your aid! Star Hammer – one of the most innovative space tactical game around – is ready to be tested for the iPad platform! Since its initial release on June 2015, developers have worked hard to refine the game always more and now all is set to reach this new frontier with your help! If you are keen to repel the Nautilids invaders you ...

Platforms:  PC, iPad, Android
Genre:  Turn-Based Strategy
Setting:  Ancient
Rel Date:  04/03/2014
Langs:  English
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[01 Sep 2015] Qvadriga gets a special discount on Humble Bundle Store!

Qvadriga has been selected for a 48 hour special discount on Humble Bundle Store! Starting on September 1 at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT /7pm CEST  the game will be 50% discounted! For the first 24 hours it will be available at the sale price and will be featured on the front page of the Humble Store here!

For the remaining 24 hours, the game will be featured on a &ldqu
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