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DLC Heroes of Normandie: US Rangers

Heroes of Normandie: US Rangers is the first expansion of the acclaimed fast paced tactical game Heroes of Normandie. It adds the faculty for the American player to deploy on the battlefield a new pool of units to sustain the Allied advance into occupied Europe: the stubborn US Rangers!

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[PC] Installer v1.21Dec 15, 2015

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Cat Rabbit
Dec 15, 2015
English, French, German
World War II
Western Europe
Traditional PBEM
Individual (People, Planes, Tanks, etc.)

Heroes of Normandie: US Rangers is the first expansion for the acclaimed and fast paced tactical game Heroes of Normandie. It brings reinforcements to the American player allowing them to continue the advance into occupied Europe: the stubborn US Rangers!

Take one of the most modern, fun and engaging board games created in recent years. Match it with cutting-edge technology. Add a ridiculously well-crafted art style and a ton of extra content. This is the recipe to one of the most thrilling, charming and captivating strategy games you will ever find.

Heroes of Normandie is a fast-paced game. You are placed in command of small squads in scenarios of varying sizes, in the middle of the D-Day campaign. In the spirit of the original board game, the game is bombastic and humorous yet full of subtle tactical decisions and features a vast array of unique units, equipment and abilities. 

In this expansion, the Rangers come with their own Hero! Captain Pepper is equipped with his trusty Bar Rifle, and ready to take the fight to the enemy! These tough soldiers are an invaluable asset and a sure threat to Jerry thanks to their love of the assault! Many of these brave soldiers have enhanced combat stats that reflect their harsh selection and training under Captain Pepper!


7 new units: Hero, Officer Parker, the 30Cal team, Recon team, Fire squad, Support and Bazooka squad! A complete arsenal at your disposal!


©2015 Slitherine Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Slitherine Ltd. and its Logos are all trademarks of Slitherine Ltd. All other marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Developed by Cat Rabbit & Slitherine Ltd. Heroes of Normandie is used under license. ©2015 Devil Pig Games. All Rights Reserved. Heroes System, designed by Yann & Clem.

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